Located in Chilean Patagonia, Temuco is the capital city of the Araucania region and thrives on agriculture and tourism. It has a recognized indigenous tradition with the presence of Mapuche communities living in the rural areas around Temuco.

One of the best kept secrets of the southern universities, La Universidad de la Frontera in the city of Temuco is well known for its programs in sociology and anthropology, and especially indigenous studies. There are very few international students enrolled at La UFRO, making it ideal for the more independent student. It is located ten minutes by bus from the downtown area and enrolls roughly 5,000 students in its schools of Medicine, Engineering and Administration, Education and Humanities, and Agricultural Sciences. For available courses, choose pregrado,  then facultades and then select the faculty of your preference. You are going to be redirected to the faculty website, in the case of humanities, select carreras de pregrado, choose the major of your preference and then ¨plan de estudios¨. For Spring term, you should pay attention to odd numbered semesters, and even numbered semesters are the courses available for the Fall term.