Social Media

Don't underestimate the power of Facebook and other social media platforms to help you connect with your host community!

I used Facebook a lot to browse events and programs in the can search any topic...once you start liking things in Montevideo, Facebook will give you other events on your feed. Amanda Spiller (Bowdoin College), Middlebury School in Uruguay, Fall 2016

University-Related Activities

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

Vida Universitaria: PUC's Vida Universitaria website offers information about a number of aspects of student life.  Be sure to check out Talleres Extraprogramáticos to learn more about extracurricular programming at PUC.  

*Please note that students wishing to use the university pool will be required to provide a certificate of good health.

Universidad Alberto Hurtado

Arte y Cultura: This page features many of the ways that students can get involved with the artistic and cultural side of UAH, including a student chorus.  

Deporte y Salud: This page offers a number of ways to stay fit and healthy while at UAH.  Be sure to check out Selecciones Deportivas and Juegos Deportivos Interfacultades for ways to get involved in sports like tennis, volleyball, soccer, futsal (indoor soccer), basketball, and chess.

Muévete en la UAH: This page lists the recreational fitness classes offered at UAH.

Organizaciones Estudiantiles: This page serves as a hub for information about the student groups and organizations at UAH.  Be sure to check out the Iniciativas estudiantiles section!

Universidad de Chile

Deportes y Actividad Física: This page acts as a hub for information about sports and phsyical activity at U Chile.  Be sure to check out Deporte y Actividad Física "Para Todos" .

Extensión y Cultura: Check out this page for information on museums and galleries, art and culture activities, and performance groups in the area.