Cultural Events & Activities

Estudio de Danza Artes:
A friend and I took Cuban Salsa classes together for a month (it cost around $30 for the month for both of us - so about $15 each) with Estudio de Danza Artes (above the buildings across from the Feria Fluvial). They have different types of dance as well, I believe. Maxwell Butler (Oberlin College), Spring 2016

Outdoor & Physical Activities

Races at UACh: A fun event for all of you runners out there!
...the university puts on at least 2 races (anywhere from 4K to 6K), which have Zumba warm-ups beforehand! Maxwell Butler (Oberlin College), Spring 2016

Social Media

Don't underestimate the power of Facebook and other social media platforms to help you connect with your host community!

I used Facebook a lot to browse events and programs in the can search any topic...once you start liking things in Montevideo, Facebook will give you other events on your feed. Amanda Spiller (Bowdoin College), Middlebury School in Uruguay, Fall 2016

University-Related Activities

Universidad Austral de Chile

American Corner: Located in UACh's library, this is a great way to meet Chilean students through language exchange.

The library of the UACh has a space called the American Corner, which is for Chilean students who wish to practice English through reading, writing, and speaking. I facilitated an English conversation table once per week for Chilean students, and I met two good friends there. The only thing is that you have to be ready to provide a lot of structure for the conversation, as Chilean students are often shy about speaking in English. Maxwell Butler (Oberlin College), Spring 2016

Dirección de Extensión: This page serves as a hub of information for a number of extension activities that are sponspored in collaboration with UACh.  There are a number of activities and events available to UACh students and the larger Valdivian community.  Check out the menus under the Organización and Unidades tabs at the top of the page.

Oficina de Movilidad Estudiantil: The office of student mobility is there to assist international students studying at UACh.  In addition to providing information and support, they organize a number of events throughout the year as well.

The Oficina de Movilidad Estudiantil organized an international student orientation, which is an amazing way to meet people right off the bat. There were about 80 international students when I went there and only 5 were from the United States - the majority of the international students were Spanish, Colombian, or Mexican, so we all spoke in Spanish together. The Oficina de Movilidad Estudiantil also kept us informed about different opportunities and organized a couple of parties for the international students. I can't stress how important Macarena Agüero Bustamante, the director of the Oficina de Movilidad Estudiantil, is as a resource for navigating the sometimes disorganized Chilean educational system. She is usually responsive to emails (as opposed to some professors) and can answer many questions. Maxwell Butler (Oberlin College), Spring 2016