Middlebury's program in China presupposes the student's general academic competence and sufficient ability in all four Chinese language skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

The curriculum was designed for the specific needs of high intermediate and advanced Chinese language students. All students are required to take the One-on-One Content-Based Tutorial and the Area Studies Class pertinent to the host city. In addition, all students choose two elective classes from among those that are offered. All courses are conducted entirely in Chinese. Qualified second-semester students may, with the Director’s approval, audit a course at the host university, and/or pursue a credit-bearing internship.

Program Structure

This program is structured with a management model that includes a Middlebury Director who hires and trains local faculty and a CET Assistant Director who manages all student life issues.

Winter term in Beijing, following the fall semester:

This program is designed to give School in China students the opportunity to apply their newly gained language skills following the fall semester in Beijing, Hangzhou, or Kunming. With the continuation of work in the individual student’s academic field of interest (usually delving deeper into the subject mater of the one-on-one tutorial from the fall) this program challenges students to conduct more in-depth research in the subject as it relates to Beijing. Each student will choose a topic and work one-on-one with a teacher (provided by CET-Beijing) for six hours a week, while using the remaining time to undertake field trips, independent  research and social surveys on that topic. This course requires students to travel independently in the city, and interview people as part of their research. Students will be required to present their final projects orally to a panel of instructors and fellow J-term School in China classmates. They will also be required to produce a well-researched term paper of up to 2,000 Chinese characters.
Students in this program will be housed at CET's center at Capital Normal University.  Like other winter term students, continuing students will live with Chinese roommates. While in Beijing for the winter, all students will receive five lunches per week in the university cafeteria, with other meals on your own; either in the cafeteria or in local restaurants.  Continuing students are welcomed to attend all activities and trips planned for winter term students who will be staying in China for the spring.  Continuing students are required to attend all orientation meetings, including the orientation banquet, and all academic policies (including the language pledge) will apply to you. .

Winter term in Beijing, prior to the spring semester:

Students planning to study at the School in China during the spring semester have the option to enroll in an intensive January program in Beijing operated by CET.  The program is ideal for students who are seeking reinforcement of their language skills prior to spending the spring semester in either Beijing, Hangzhou, or Kunming. Students interested in applying for this preparatory course should contact Bill Mayers at [802.443.5745].