Student Life

The School in China facilitates several co-curricular activities for all students each semester. These activities range from a one-on-one lesson, attendance in a local club, volunteer work, or even a solo activity. The Assistant Director will help get each student started in this co-curricular activity based on their interest and background. Each student then reports weekly to the AD on the activity. Teacher fees and club dues will be paid by the School in China, but each student is responsible for transportation and equipment (which in most cases turns out to be quite inexpensive). Here are some ideas for co-curricular activities:

  • Biking, hiking, and cliff climbing outdoors around Kunming.
  • Learn to play local musical instruments, such as葫芦丝 (hulusi, cucurbit flute), 埙 (xun, an oval-shaped wind instrument with six or more sound holes that is made of clay).
  • Street dance - practice and perform with a local troupe.
  • Study calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting (国画), majiang (mahjong), taiji (Tai-chi), Chinese home-style cooking, or local handicraft making.
There is also one group excursion each semester. Previous trips include: Xizhou, Luoping, Yuanyang, Jianshui, Fuxian Lake, and Ailao Mountain.