Winter Term Options

Students at the Middlebury School in China can opt for a full-year, fall semester, spring semester, or add a winter term to either a fall or spring semester... or in the middle of a full year in China.  The winter term program is conducted at Capital Normal University, in Beijing.  You can find price differences for these programs here.

Winter term in Beijing, prior to the spring semester:

Students planning to study at the School in China during the spring semester have the option to enroll in an intensive January program in Beijing operated by CET.  The program is ideal for students who are seeking reinforcement of their language skills prior to spending the spring semester in either Beijing, Hangzhou, or Kunming. Students interested in applying for this preparatory course should simply select the winter+spring term on the application of the site where you want to spend your spring semester.  If you have questions about this, you can contact Bill Mayers at [802.443.5745], though you can also find out more about this program on the CET website, here: