The School in France has contacts with about 70 host families in the greater Paris metro area. We also have agreements with 6 student residence halls or foyers. All of the housing options have been evaluated and reviewed by former students and/or the Coordinator of Student Life.  One of the unique aspects of Middlebury's housing system is that we offer students a wide choice of options from which they can choose according to each student's background, expectations, and special needs, if any.

For those who choose to live with a French family, several options are offered:

1) room + breakfast
2) room + breakfast + 1-3 shared meals per week
3) room + breakfast + 4-5 shared meals per week


Undergraduate students complete an on-line housing questionnaire a few months prior to departure which provides the Coordinator with valuable information concerning each student's background and expectations. Based on students' responses and her years of experience, the Coordinator of Student Life tries to match each student with a family or foyer that fits perfectly with their needs. After the match has been made, students will be sent photos and full descriptions to learn more about their family or foyer. 

Once you have thought about your preferences, you should communicate them to the housing coordinator by completing a questionnaire (a link to the online questionnaire is sent to students via email). All students studying abroad for the year or semester must complete this form during the semester prior to study abroad.

Reglement de principe
All students and their proprietor must read, sign and date the Reglement de principe and return it to Middlebury. This is an important housing agreement that outlines rules and responsibilities of both the student and the proprietor.