Student Residence Halls

Please note that rooms cannot be reserved if you don't pay the deposit on time.

There are several student residences that we propose to students going to Paris. Living in a student residence in Paris is a great way to meet young people from all over the world coming to Paris to study.  Most of the residents are NOT from France, but they are mostly from other European countries and your common language that you'll speak together is French.
As with every living situation in a society, each foyer has its own set of rules and regulations to follow.  However, each student has access to the residence's main entrance and is free to come and go as they wish.

1) L'Oasis
2) Le Dôme
3) Foyer International des Etudiantes


1) Foyer Anne Marie Veder

As soon as the student is assigned housing in the foyer, he/she must send the required forms + the deposit in EUROS to the Foyer's Administration in order to secure the room in the foyer. For admission, please see each residence's rules and requirements.

Generally students must send:

1) Housing application with photos and medical certificate

2) Admission fees (non-reimbursed) + deposit (reimbursed at the end of the stay)

*Some residences ask that students acquire a minimum of cooking utensils for personal use in addition to bed linen.

All students (in residences AND with host families) are required to obtain Housing Liability Insurance upon arrival in Paris for the duration of their stay.  Depending on your dorm residence, you will be asked either the Room Insurance (Assurance Habitation 99€) or the Civil Responsibility Insurance (Assurance responsabilité civile 38€).

We encourage students to take their insurance with M.Colas, (Assurance AGF) who has been advising Middlebury students on this matter for several years now.

Monsieur COLAS Assurance AGF,
10 rue Régis  75006 Paris

TEL : 01 42 22 49 16 .

91 rue de Sèvres 75006 Paris
Female-only residence
Métro: Vanneau or Sevres-Babylone (line 10)
Tél : 01 53 63 11 20    E-mail :
This residence offers single rooms only. Breakfast and meals are not offered.  Students have access to a small fridge in the communal kitchen and may prepare their own meals.
2010 2011 fees:
490euros/month for a single room + 490€ (deposit)
Admission fees: 120euros  (non-reimbursed)
Total to be sent with housing application: 1100€

Student may wire the money directly to the residence's bank account or send a check in EUROS only.

Bank account: L'association Oasis 91 rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris
Account Address: 16 rue des Favorites 75900 Paris
RIP(relevé d'identité postal)
FR 30 Etablissement  30041
Guichet :00001
Numéro de Compte : 0123480Y020
Clé du RIP : 67

NB: Students from past years have said that sending a certified bank check in EUROS is much simpler than the wire transfer.

Residence hosts French students and young workers.
Well situated in relations to Sciences- Po and Paris 3.

"Foyer L'Oasis is spectacularly located.  There are three metro stops in easy walking distance (one literally accross the street), a supermarket less than a block away, bon marché (very chic dept. store and gourmet grocery) up the block, 7 min walk to Sciences-Po, and not far from great nightlife in the latin quarter (you can walk)."

Comfortable single-rooms with private sink.  Communal showers and toilets on each floor.  The staff has a list of budget (21-25€/night) hostels nearby for visitors.  Badge system allows girls to come and go as they wish.  No curfew.  Personnel is warm.  Great way to be independant while having the possibility to get to know other French students.
All rooms are equipped with an internet connection.

"The women living in the foyer are very open to meeting new people and making international contacts. It is nearly impossible not to meet the other people in the foyer since everyone eats in a common area, facilitating interesting dinner conversations that can last for hours."

"I am also under the impression that compared to most foyers it is incredibly clean and safe."

"It is nice to be independant but independence can be a bit lonely so make sure a foyer is what you really want. Great for people who like to do their own thing, not great if you would prefer a more supportive, congenial living environment."

Disadvantages :
Friends are not allowed to stay in the rooms. However, visitors are allowed in the lounge.

4 rue Léopold Robert  75014 Paris
Female-only in double-rooms
Métro: Raspail (line 4 & 6), Vavin (line 4)
Tél : 01 43 20 33 70    E-mail :
2010- 2011 fees Single room 452€,  Double room : beetween : 348 and 387€

Deposit: 525€

500€ (reimbursed at the end of the stay) and  Admission fees: 25€ (not reimbursed)

Deposit and admission fees must be sent with application in order to secure housing.  Students can make a check payable to the "Foyer du Dome" or a wire transfer to the following account:
Caisse d'Epargne/ Ile-de-France,
IBAN number:
FR76 /1751 /5900 /0004 /6028 /7481 / 788
SWIFT Code : CE PA FR PP 751

Very safe and lively neighborhood in the heart of Montparnasse.  Each student has their own badge and set of keys thus, free to come and go as they wish.  Students are paired up with a French student which is great for improving one's French.  There's a communal kitchen on each floor for  12 students.  There is a library and working room in the foyer. There is also a TV/DVD leisure room.  Washing and drying machines in the basement.  Towels and bed linens are provided for foreign students.  No need to buy extra cooking utensils since kitchens are equipped. Wireless access for students who have their own laptop computer.

"The location in the bustling neighborhood of Montparnasse is ideal - there are about 5 metro stops within a short walking distance of the foyer and tons of cafes, movie theaters, and other things to do."

"The girls at the foyer, mostly French but international too, were wonderful. Living on a hall with other French girls was a great help for my French."

"The only inconvenience in terms of practicality is that there isn't an elevator, so if you live on the 6th floor it's not the most convenient thing. As for having no telephones in the room, it isn't such a big problem because everyone gets a cell phone when they arrive."

"Eating in the communal kitchens in the foyer is the best way to meet people and relax over usually very lively dinners. The shared rooms are fairly small but certainly adequate for anyone used to living in college dorms. The price is phenomenal for the location as well!"

"I would recommend this living situation to anyone who does not mind sharing her living space with others but who desires a good deal of independence."

"One small caution - the foyer may be deserted and lonely when you first arrive, as most of the French students do not arrive until October when their classes start (but the atmosphere changes greatly when everyone arrives.)"

Marin Sarvé-Tarr

"The foyer is a great way to meet other French students who are all very friendly.  We cook together and the ambiance is always welcoming. I would highly recommend the Foyer du Dome."

No elevator and no phones in the rooms.  There is a phone booth on each floor from where you can call home with a phone card.  With the use of cell phones, this is really no longer a real inconvenience.  No exterior visitors after 10pm.

93 Bd St Michel 75005 Paris
Métro : RER B Luxembourg
Tel: 01 43 54 49 63
E-mail :
2010-2011 Fees
single room:550 euros
double room: 380 euros
Deposit: 1 month's rent +Admission fees: 40 euros

Foyer International does not ask for any type of insurance. However, Middlebury School in France asks students to take at least the Civil responsibility insurance (Assurance responsabilité civile 38€) with our insurer.

Advantages: Situated next to the Luxembourg gardens and the Latin Quarter.  Doubles are shared with a French student, thus great advantage for improving one's French.  Small fridge and sink in each room to be shared with roommate.  All rooms have a bed, closet, private sink, bookshelves, desk, and internet access.  Each floor has shower and toilets, except the 6th and 7th floor.  Beautiful ancient-style library with an interesting collection and wireless internet access. There's also a TV/leisure room and communal kitchens on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floor for student use.  Last, but not least, a magnificent terrace on the 7th floor with a beautiful view of Paris.

Rooms are cleaned every day by a cleaning lady. Washing and drying machines available in the residence. All rooms have a phone land line where students can receive phone calls; however, they can't make outside calls.

This is a great place to meet other young students from France and other countries since half of the residents are French and the other half comes from all over the world.  Male visitors are allowed in the rooms until 11pm.

"This housing situation is ideal for anyone who wants independence, an ideal location in Paris, and the opportunity to make friends and practice your French with young people."

"Also, the view from the terrace of the foyer is gorgeous- a perfect postcard view of Paris."

"The only occasional down side is the curfew, but this negative is made up for by being able to cook with friends in the kitchens, have guests, internet access, and one's own private space to retreat to every night."

1:30am curfew when going out at night.  Main entrance is reopened at 6am.  However, no curfew Friday or Saturday evenings.


14 rue de Trévise, 75009 Paris
Tel : 01 47 70 90 94
Fax : 01 44 79 09 29
E-mail :
2010-2011 Fees
Single room: 360€/ 375€

Double room : 320€
To reserve room, student must send: 100€

Upon arrival, semester students must pay:
360€: first montht's rent
100€: charges diverses (laundry, internet, etc.)
200€: deposit (reimbursable at the end of the stay)

Upon arrival, year-long students must pay:
350€: first month's rent
200€: charges diverses (laundry, internet, etc.)
350€: deposit (reimbursable at the end of the stay)

Students should have obtained renters and liability insurance before arrival because proof of coverage is required by UCJG.

The Foyer is a YMCA but despite the connotation it is really nice.  It is located in a very interesting quarter, a lot going on in the day, and very safe at night.  It is a ½ hour walk from the Middlebury center and the Seine and the center of Paris.  On the metro it is fifteen minutes from the Centre Madeleine.  The rooms are large with good views, and all the residents are very social.  There is internet in a room on the ground floor, the washing machines and dryers are practically free, which will actually save a lot of money and there is no curfew, that's a big one.  But, you cannot have anyone else from outside the foyer in your room.  The lady was pretty clear on that since she repeated it several times.  Mme. Wolff, the director, is very nice as long as you don't break the rules.  Everyone eats together once a month and each resident cleans the kitchen once every 40 days.  The kitchen is nice, plenty of pots and pans, fridge and freezer space.  Each resident has a cabinet with a key and a box for the fridge.  The cooking essentials are provided for everyone, salt, pepper, olive oil, etc. and each person has their own storage in the fridge and in cupboards.   The building itself is really charming and on the first floor there is a theater which is free for all residents.  There are two cats that live in the foyer too.  There is also a free gym, if that's your thing; since it is a YMCA, and because of that, the price was relatively cheap compared to other foyers in Paris.

Jason SIEGEL (spring)
The UCJG is a pretty cool place to live. The building is old and looks it, but despite that it's still nice. Everyone's really cool and friendly (even if some are not so outgoing), and Mme Wolff is nice as well, though strict and at times hard to find. I recommend a double, as singles can isolate you from everyone else and since you can't have guests over anyway, it doesn't end up being much of an inconvenience. Other nice features include a gymnasium with a basketball court, a laundry room free of charge, a room with free weights and a bike as well as foosball, and no curfew. Beware that there is nothing to do in this part of town, but that you're close to two Metro stations. Also, there's a monthly dinner sponsored by the foyer and each resident is responsible for cleaning the kitchen once a month or so.

Isaac FORMAN (spring)
The UCJG (YMCA) is great.  It is located within five minutes of three different metro lines, and it is dirt cheap.  I lived in a double with a French student and it is just like living in a dorm back in the States.  The YMCA is a great place to make French friends if that's what you want but it's also easy enough to keep to yourself.  Since I arrived there have been a chess and a foosball tournament.  From what I have seen the rooms are hit or miss, although even the smallest still have closets, shelves and a sink.  I get the impression that the longer you are staying the nicer your room tends to be.

168 rue Blomet 75015 Paris
Métro: Convention (line 12) or Boucicaut (line 8)

Co-ed foyer. Pictures of rooms can be found here: