In Poitiers, students live in student residences in the historic downtown area, near older university buildings, a 10-15 minute bus ride from the main campus.

Students are not permitted to live alone, and no one is permitted to share housing with other English-speakers.  

Students heading to Poitiers will submit a housing questionnaire to the School in France's Site Coordinator early April for fall and year students and early November for spring students. This questionnaire provides the School in France staff with valuable information concerning each student's background, expectations, and special needs, if any. This housing questionnaire is binding and students should not expect to change their housing preference after arrival.

Once students indicate their preference for the type of student residence on the questionnaire, the School in France staff will review their responses, communicate with them if additional information is needed, and send them by e-mail their assigned housing, which will include a short description. Upon receipt of her/his housing assignment, the student shall send a confirmation letter and a deposit check to the director of the student residence or foyer.

There are several different student residences to choose from:

RESIDENCE ROCHE D’ARGENT: Rooms are equipped with a small kitchenette, sink, shower & private toilet inside the room.  You may also use the two communal kitchens on each floor which have an oven and a eating space to share meals with the other residents.  Each room has internet access.  This residence is extremely well-situated between the historic center and the university campus. There is a bus stop for the bus lines that take you directly to the campus in front of the residence.  Restaurant Universitaire adjacent to the residence; students have access to 2 washing machines conveniently situated inside the residence. Female-only residence.

This residence is situated in the historic town center on rue de la Cathédrale, close to the center's cafés, restaurants and shops. Single rooms are equipped with a single-size bed, study area, closet as well as a private shower and toilet in the room.  There is wireless internet access in every room.
A large nice communal kitchen on the first floor is an excellent place to meet other residents, prepare and share meals with others.  There are no washing machines in the residence; however, there are several laundry rooms in town nearby.
Female-only residence.

RESIDENCE CANOLLE: This residence is well-situated in the center of town on rue Guillaume VII Le Troubadour. The rooms offer kitchenettes and private bathrooms with shower inside the room. Wifi is also available in the room. This residence is co-ed.