Student Life

Poitiers: Provincial life with urban appeal

Study abroad students with their Poitiers friends!

Students have consistently raved about the variety and number of activities available to university students in Poitiers. Whether it's sports, arts, volunteering, joining clubs, or choirs, Poitiers truly is a university town. In the past, School in France students have joined a fencing club, ridden horses in shows and used the rock climbing walls at local gyms. Being the capital city of the Vienne department and Poitou-Charente region means that life in the west-central part of France emanates from Poitiers, its largest city. The student union of the university is extremely active and helpful in making new students feel welcome in their new city. Visit them on line, UP Etudiant.

The Office of International Students in the social sciences welcomes foreign students to the university each semester and helps them navigate their way through French life.

Students in Poitiers have the opportunity to participate in all excursions organized through the School in France's main office in Paris. Each semester, at least one long-weekend trip is organized to a location of historical or architectural significance in France.

Cooking class

Membership in a Choral Organization

In Poitiers, if you'd like to sing in a choir, we recommend the University Choir. See your Resident Director for further information.

Sports and Fitness

The best place to begin is the SUAPS, the sport department of your university in Paris or in Poitiers. You will be able to sign up for virtually any sport you'd like, and this is how you are going to meet French students in France. However, sign up as soon as you arrive as classes fill up very quickly. There are also private gyms in Poitiers.


Students in the spring 2015 semester joined an excursion with Bordeaux students to Perigord!