For full-year students in their second semester, the School's internship program provides the opportunity to gather valuable job-experience in a field of interest. (A very limited number of internships might be available for one-semester-only students. Please inquire.) While there is no guarantee that a specific internship will be available in a specific semester, here is a list of institutions who have welcomed our students in the past or who have expressed their interest in providing an internship to our students in the future:

Internships in Mainz:
Printing-Shop, Gutenberg Museum
ZDF (Second Public TV Station)
State Parliament Rhineland-Palatinate
TRIGA-Research Reactor, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
Political Science Department, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
International Office, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität

Internships in Berlin:
State Parliament
Literaturwerkstatt Berlin
Landesbank Berlin
Mare Verlag
Filmmuseum, Potsdamer Platz
JFK School Berlin
Political Science Department, Freie Universität

This list is not comprehensive -- we're happy to add another institution's name due to your interest! Simply let us know about your interests as soon as possible.

No matter whether students decide to do an internship or not, all students are supported with gaining or improving skills valuable for pursuing any career they may choose (i.e. time- and self-management).

In any given year, we cannot guarantee an internship in a specific field or organization, though we will make every effort to accommodate. Please be aware that prospective internship providers normally expect candidates to have appropriate skills or background knowledge and interest in the field. In addition, students must have strong functional skills in the target language.