Napol Wills, Mainz

Middlebury College

My work at the Johannes Gutenberg Museum was one of my best parts about studying in Mainz. I was initially a little nervous about having an internship because I was only abroad for a semester but it turned out to my favorite extracurricular activity. It provided the perfect opportunity to get off campus and engage with the people who lived there, as well as the strong traditions and history of the city. I learned so much about the important role that the printing press played in revolutionizing the way that information spread across the world. The experience was also invaluable for my language skills, as all of my co- workers were native speakers and were always willing to help me improve my German. I worked with groups of school children from all across Europe to create art using traditional printing press methods. It was not only an important lesson about teaching and learning across language barriers but was unbelievable fun!