The safety and security of all Schools Abroad participants is a primary concern for Middlebury College. In case of an emergency, our Schools Abroad offices are staffed and ready to respond to parents’, students’, and administrators’ concerns. Our office on the Middlebury campus communicates on a regular basis by e-mail, Skype, and/or phone with our staff overseas. 

We have well-developed contingency plans in place for all kinds of local, national, and international emergencies. This information will be communicated to students during onsite orientation, and students will also be given an Emergency Card to carry in his/her wallet listing emergency contact numbers including that of the Director, other staff, U.S. Embassy, Police, Ambulance, etc.  Phone trees and assembly points will be established in preparation for responding to any emergency situations that may arise. Appropriate measures are also in place in the unlikely event that the U.S. government requires an evacuation of all U.S. citizens.

Students should always contact the director of their School Abroad in the event of a problem or emergency. Our offices are equipped to deal with problems and prefer to do so immediately, before they become crises.

In case of an emergency requiring a student's family to contact him/her on short notice, there are a couple of options: (1) They can try to contact the student directly by phone or Skype; (2) They may contact International Programs (Monday through Friday, 8:30–5:00 EST), tel.: 802.443.5745, fax: 802.443.3157, schoolsabroad@middlebury.edu, and our staff will phone or send an e-mail message to the School Abroad.

International Programs in Middlebury may be contacted Monday through Friday, 8:30-5:00PM Eastern time;
tel.: 802-443-5745
fax: 802-443-3157
email: schoolsabroad@middlebury.edu

During non-business hours, emergency contact information is available on the voicemail of the number above.

In addition, Middlebury College has an agreement with Global Rescue for medical and security advisory and evacuation services for Schools Abroad students.  Global Rescue is available to assist travelers affected by medical and security emergencies while studying, working, or traveling abroad.  They are available to consult and ensure appropriate medical treatment or safety measures are being taken.  In addition, Global Rescue will arrange for the provision of health information services through their operations team and Johns Hopkins Medicine to include medical advice, case monitoring, hospital and clinic referrals, and evacuation services.  This consultation service comes at no cost to the traveler; any costs associated with treatment, transportation, or evacuation will be the traveler’s responsibility. Travelers in need of either of these services can contact Global Rescue at +1.617.459.4200 and identify themselves as a Middlebury/MIIS traveler.