Health Insurance

Students studying at a Middlebury School Abroad are automatically enrolled in a study abroad health insurance plan for the duration of the program. This coverage is mandatory and cannot be waived. All students at the Middlebury Schools Abroad are enrolled through HTH Worldwide. The insurance providers will issue insurance cards and proof of insurance letters (required to process student visas for some countries).

These insurance plans provide up to $250,000 medical coverage (accident/sickness) with zero deductible outside of the United States. There is also medical evacuation and repatriation coverage. Each student will be given a full explanation of benefits and an insurance card prior to departure.

In addition to the benefits listed above, these insurance plans provide emergency service with a 24-hour, worldwide, telephone assistance. This service can aid students in a variety of emergency situations, such as providing help in obtaining physician and hospital referrals.

Coverage will begin on the first day of your program abroad and will end on the last, with the option to purchase additional months of coverage by contacting the insurance provider directly.  Each additional month of coverage costs $52.60 (2016-17 rate).  To extend your coverage (either before your program begins or after it ends) go to:  

Students should click “new” (not “renew”) because you are not renewing the plan Middlebury purchased for you, rather you are buying the same plan with your own money.

Student ID should be your 9-digit certificate number.

Valid from should be the day after your current plan ends (or in 30 days increments from when your current plan begins).

Valid to should be in 30 day increments from the valid from date (or the day before the current plan begins).

Note that students are not covered in the United States by this plan, and we do recommend that students remain on their current policy while abroad to cover any trips to the US during the program and also any conditions that may arise abroad that may require continued treatment upon return to the US after the program ends.

Please contact International Programs at 802.443.5745 with questions.