Health Issues

If you are currently taking any medication prescribed by a doctor and your doctor has ascertained that you may need to continue taking it while abroad, be certain that you have a copy of the prescription with you indicating the generic name of the drug (not the U.S. brand name) and information concerning the use of the medication. In any case, bring enough to last through your stay as it may be difficult or impossible to renew the prescription. We also require that chronic and persistent health problems be attended to before leaving.

Counseling services are available in most European sites abroad (though to a limited extent), but are not provided for by the Schools Abroad.  Counseling services in Africa, the Middle East and Russia and at some sites in China and Latin America are non-existent.

The student is responsible for all expenses related to on-going medication.  Depending on the circumstances, HTH Worldwide Insurance may cover some counseling services.

Accessibility abroad is not governed by the ADA.  In some sites, it may be possible to meet the needs of students with disabilities; these must be evaluated on an individual basis.  Likewise, we encourage students who have accommodations at their home universities to contact our office early in the process to see if those needs can be met at our partner sites/universities.

Severe allergies are another consideration in several of our sites abroad; not all students with life-threatening allergies can be accommodated in all of our sites abroad.  Please contact our office to talk through your specific needs and potential study site(s) to determine what is possible.

Health Information is collected from students to help both students and staff prepare for their time abroad and a sample of the form is provided for reference.