Medical Care

Travel and study in a foreign country can be very strenuous. It is important that you take action immediately when an illness or injury occurs.

In the event of an illness, use your common sense about whether or not to seek outside help. Degrees of helpfulness vary greatly from institution to institution as they do from individual to individual. You should speak with one of the on-site staff members in all cases of serious illness and before agreeing to hospitalization.

Although medical care is readily available, the standard treatment for many types of illness often includes hospitalization for approximately one week. If the condition is such that it can be controlled with proper medication brought from home, it may be possible to avoid such hospitalization.

In any event, you should bring all medical problems, no matter how insignificant they may seem, to the attention of the Director of the School Abroad. The office in Vermont does not have a list of doctors in our sites abroad.