Courses at the School in Japan

Japanese Language Program
Japanese Language Program (JLP) courses are taught by local faculty at our partner institution, International Christian University (ICU).  The courses taken will depend on the results of the placement test administered by ICU. Students who have completed two years of formal instruction in an American university will generally place between Level 3 (intermediate) and Level 8 (advanced).

Course descriptions and syllabi for Japanese Language Program (JLP) courses are available here. When the page opens, choose the appropriate year/term combination for the term you will be abroad. Note that the fall term at ICU is 第二学期 (i.e., the Second Trimester) while the spring term is 第一学期 (i.e., the First Trimester). Then under "Major," select the Japanese Language Program.

Middlebury Program Courses
Program participants are also required to enroll in courses offered by Middlebury faculty. Course syllabi for these courses are available below:

Cultural Portfolio - Discovery 

The Discovery course allows students to explore Japan more closely, beyond the classroom. The instructor organizes many activities and field trips to think critically about Japanese language and culture.

Cultural Portfolio - Reflection

In the Reflection course, students will complete a cultural portfolio that documents their progress in understanding Japanese cultures and languages, and how they compare with the students' own cultures and languages.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement course offers a unique opportunity for students to volunteer in a community organization such as an elementary school or retirement home, or complete a mini-internship such as assisting at a sushi restaurant or collaborating with a Chamber of Commerce. Students spend a minimum of 24 hours at their volunteer site.

Direct Enrollment Courses
University courses (J, J/E or E/J) are available to program students during the winter and spring trimesters.  Students will work with our on-site director to determine their schedules on-site. 

Courses that are taught solely in English (E) may also be available upon consultation, especially for students who need to take courses to fulfill major requirements while studying abroad. Approval of a student’s academic advisor is also required for enrollment in (E) courses at ICU. Some additional work may be required in Japanese. For course descriptions of ICU content courses, visit this page, select your desired term (see note above), and then select a subject you wish to study from the "Major" drop-down menu.