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Middlebury College-CMRS Oxford Humanities Program

The Middlebury-CMRS curriculum, for either a semester or full year, is based on three academic components:

  • Research seminars, for which students take on independent projects, supervised by faculty members, that include a significant research paper based on work in the various libraries, art galleries, and museums in and around Oxford;
  • Readings seminars, for which students choose topics in medieval, early modern, or modern subjects that include literature, history, art history, classics, philosophy, religion, and political and social theory, and engage in small seminars taught by local faculty;
  • Two one-on-one tutorials, which are designed by students and tailored to their academic interests, and carried out with instructors that are usually Oxford University faculty members.

Credit for Middlebury-CMRS courses is issued through Middlebury College.

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