Robin Pokorski, Oxford

George Washington University

Oxford is truly a magical city, its famous “dreaming spires” steeped in history and scholarly pursuit so strong you can almost taste it. CMRS provided me with amazing opportunities to immerse myself in everything that Oxford had to offer, from one-on-one tutorials that were often tailored to my own interests in a way that the somewhat limited medieval history offerings at my home university could not be, to getting involved in student societies like the History Society or Irish Dance Society. The diverse group of exchange students at CMRS came to feel like a family – we did homework together, cooked together, and had fun together. The highlight of my academic year at CMRS was doing research for a seminar essay in the famous Radcliffe Camera; that essay turned into my senior honors thesis on the theft of holy relics from Constantinople during the Fourth Crusade. Without a doubt, CMRS is an academic program and it is not easy, but the rewards are incredible and the staff of CMRS is deeply committed to helping every student flourish. I think fondly of Oxford almost daily, even though I’ve been back for a year now.