University Information

La Universidad Carlos III de Madrid is located in Getafe, less than 30 minutes away by train or bus from Madrid. It was founded in 1989 with a more modern format, organization, and facilities than the traditional Spanish Universities. The student enrollment is approximately 18,000 students. A broad range of liberal arts coursework is offered with special strengths in the Social Sciences.

Program students in Getafe will take their grammar course in Madrid at our program's center.

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Course Offerings
The following courses are among those offered at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid during recent years.  While we cannot guarantee that ech of these courses will be available to students on a regular basis, they serve as a representative sample of the kinds of offerings students might expect.  By no means, is the list of courses below exhaustive.

Cine y televisión en España

Comercio internacional

Economía de la salud

Economía política

El progreso económico en España 1850-200

Evolución y variedades del español

Filosofía moral

Historia del teatro

Historia del pensamiento económico

Historia de América

Historia contemporánea de España

Historia económica

Historia del pensamiento económico

Lingüística general

Mercados y medio ambiente

Movimientos literarios contemporáneos

Movimientos artísticos contemporáneos

Problemas sociales I: Desigualdad y exclusión social

Problemas sociales II: Familia y género

Principios de economía

Política española

Política social y estado del bienestar

Psicología social

Sociedad y medio ambiente

Sociología de España


For details on other available courses, consult the UC3M website

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