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Founded in 1992, la Universidad de La Rioja (UR) is located in Logroño, a city of 150,000 inhabitants.  It is in this region of Northern Spain where the Castilian language had its origins.   The historic and linguistic traditions continue in the UR through its role in the study and promotion of the Spanish language.  

The university campus is located within the city and Middlebury students usually walk or take a short bus ride to their clases.  UR's 7,500 students have access to computer rooms in each building and sports facilities.  WiFi is available throughout the campus. 

Middlebury College students can choose courses in all major academic disciplines. The majority find their classes in philology and other social sciences.  Also available are courses in chemistry and biology offered through the "Facultad de Ciencias".

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Course Offerings

The following courses are among those offered at Universidad de La Rioja during recent years. While we cannot guarantee that each of these courses will be available to students on a regular basis, they serve as a representative sample of the kinds of offerings students might expect. By no means is the list of courses below exhaustive. Providing students meet course requirements and the schedule permits, students are allowed to enroll in coursework in a wide variety of disciplines.

Bioquímica del vino

Cine y literatura

Economía agraria

Economía española

Geografía física

Geografía humana

Geografía y medio ambiente

Historia del arte I

Historia de la Antigüedad

Historia del cine

Historia de la Edad Moderna

Historia de las ideas y movimientos sociales contemporáneos

Enología I

Geología, suelo y clima

Literatura española del s. XX

Literatura española del Siglo de Oro

Literatura hispanoamericana

Literatura española medieval

Matemática discreta

Metodología del análisis e interpretación de la obra literaria

Norma y uso del español actual

Psicología del desarrollo

Psicología de la educación

Religiones antiguas mediterráneas

Renacimiento y Barroco en la literatura española

Variedades del español


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Education (history, geography, literature)
Science and math 

Course descriptions are available by clicking on course code numbers.

You may also access the main Web site: La Rioja