Housing in Madrid

Middlebury has a unique policy regarding student housing. It is based on student personal choice and ongoing support and advice from program staff. Middlebury students have the opportunity to choose between homestays, shared apartments, and residence halls.


Homestays are a great opportunity for students who want to live with a Spanish family, learn more about the culture and language, and live like a local.

Shared Apartments

Sharing an apartment is ideal for students who want to have more independence and share their experience abroad with other students.

Residence Halls

Living in a residence hall is a good option for those who want to live with other students and would like additional services such as cleaning, meals, laundry, and internet.

Admitted Students

Admitted students should communicate their housing preferences with the Student Affairs and Housing Coordinator, Sarah Vance (svance@middlebury.edu), before July 1 or November 1. She will advise students regarding different options. Once in Madrid, Middlebury staff will be available during every step of the housing search. Orientation assistants (Spanish students) will also be available to help undergraduate students communicate with landlords, visit apartments, and review rental agreements.

In the spirit of the Language Pledge, undergraduate students should live with Spanish-speaking students or international students who do not speak English as a first language. This will help maximize their Spanish language learning while they are in Spain.