Architectural Studies Track

Middlebury is pleased to offer a new track for Architecture majors in Montevideo. The Universidad ORT has an outstanding Architecture department which features a wide range of subjects, from Design to Technology. The program is internationally recognized for the quality of its curriculum, faculty, administration, and the resoures available to students.

The department's building itself stands out for its spacious rooms for projects, labs, auditorium, hemicycle, a specialized library, and workshop, as well as its Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.

Students on the program have the chance to increase their professional skills while integrating themselves into the Uruguayan academic environment and developing their Spanish.

You can learn more about the Universidad ORT's Architecture program on their website and take a look at their program brochure. And don't miss the virtual tour, here.

Core Courses

The following courses are approved for the Architectural Studies track. Depending on student interest and abilities, other courses may be recommended on a case-by-case basis. 

Proyecto 1: Architectural Design Studio 1

This course is an introduction of design methodologies in architecture. In this course students will understand both the conceptual and material aspects of the design process; and have the ability to integrate them into a cohesive and unified product.

Proyecto 2: Architectural Design Studio 2

Some of the objectives of this course are: to introduce the design practice learning process; to develop an architectural proposal of moderate complexity; to understand interior space and its relationship with outdoor space; and to explore basic integration of constructive and structural systems.

Taller de Arquitectura y Arte: Art and Architecture Studio

Some of the objectives of this course are: to develop creativity through architectural design with artistic emphasis; to present theories and concepts of various artistic disciplines (painting, sculpture, music) and include them into the design process; and to analyze and explore composition, materiality, shape, color, and texture.

Procedimientos Constructivos 4 – Práctica

The format of this course is a combination of lab work with hands-on assignments and general theoretical explanations. This course usually involves a community-based project with a community partner in a neighborhood in Montevideo.

La Conformación de la Region

This course explores history, theory and criticism of architecture in Uruguay and its region. Students will understand the history and theories of architecture and urbanism and its application on the Latin American architecture debate.