Student Life in Uruguay


The program director arranges one major excursion, which is voluntary. Students are also strongly encouraged to get involved in independent co-curricular activities.

THe spring 2015 students just completed a bicitour of Montevideo!

bicitour 2015

The spring 2014 students also completed a bicitour!


The fall 2013 students also completed a bicitour of Montevideo!


Some of the spring 2013 students participated in a marathon in Uruguay.

Thomas, Spencer, Sylvia (site coordinator), and Alex
Some even won first place!

Congratulations, Alex!

Students went on a program excursion to Mendoza in April 2013!

Alex, Sylvia (site coordinator), Spencer, and Thomas in Mendoza

Students in Montevideo during the fall 2013 semester will have the chance to meet the Uruguayan artist Eloisa Ibarra. Her exhibit, "The Seed of Babel" will be shown at the University of Minnesota. You can learn more about Eloisa through her website: and you can learn more about her exhibition here

Students in Montevideo during the fall '12 semester enjoyed a day of water competition and activities:

Mary Robinson, spring '12, participated in a bicycle tour that visited different historical places in Montevideo. View the news story on YouTube! 

Uruguay Links

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