Student Groups


Campus Sustainability Coordinators (CSC's)

Middlebury’s CSCs are a group of students dedicated to promoting sustainable living habits in the dorms and on campus. Through planning events and activities, CSCs educate and engage peers about ways to reduce their carbon emissions and understand their energy use.
Contact: Ali Rotatori,


Middlebury College Organic Farm (MCOF)

The Middlebury College Organic Farm cultivates fruits, veggies and flowers and keeps bees on a 3 acre knoll just west of the college on Rt 125. Initiated and maintained by student energy and direction, the garden offers volunteer hours, CSA shares and weekly farm stands. Recent projects include education gardens at local schools, collaborative summits with NESCAC college garden clubs, and a focus on food studies and food justice.


Middlebury Fermentation Guild

The Guild aims to create a culture of connection with food by teaching workshops and continuing to grow their library of all things fermentation. People have forgotten that their food is alive, teeming with healthy bacteria and yeast, and they have forgotten how exciting it is to make their own living foods. The Fermentation Guild can and will bring that excitement back to Middlebury. 

Contact: Emily Bogin,


Solar Decathlon

The Solar Decathlon Team is a student led group that worked over the last two years to design and construct a solar powered home to exhibit at the 2013 U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon Competition. The 2013 Team was comprised over over 90 students from 30 different academic disciplines.  During the school year, interdepartmental courses are organized for students who wish to work on the project.


Middlebury Mountain Club (MMC)

Middlebury Mountain Club is dedicated to introducing as much as the student body as possible to the mountains and the rivers of Vermont and upstate New York. We aim to take out either backpacking, climbing, canoeing, and day hiking trips every weekend of the year–and yes that includes winter!! We also hold weekly meetings to plan on-campus events. To be in the loop about MMC events, please email us at to ask to be on our email list!


Weybridge House

Weybridge House is the Sustainable Food Studies House located on the corner of Weybridge and College Street. Weybridge residents preserve food from within a 100 miles of the house. Food is eaten by residents and served to the campus community at several open dinners and events each week. We hope you join us to enjoy Vermont’s bounty!


The Bike Shop

The Middlebury bikeshop provides free help fixing, taking apart, and building bicycles of all kinds. Instead of fixing your bike for you, we’ll teach you how to fix your own bike. That way you walk out with a fixed bicycle and new skills. We use all recycled parts from old bicycles!


The Trunk

The Trunk is a student-run, on-campus thrift exchange. It aims to challenge notions of usability and waste by presenting discarded clothing and other items in a retail environment. Acquired through collections, donations, and the recycling center, the items are cleaned and repaired before being sold at a nominal fee.
Contact: Anna Flinchbaugh,


Student Government Association (SGA) Environmental Affairs Committee

The SGA Environmental Affairs Committee works on environmental issues relevant to students, faculty, and staff on campus.  We work with the administration and sustainability integration office to achieve a more environmentally friendly campus and are always looking for student input!  We also strive to raise awareness about environmental issues among the student body.
Contact: Sydney Sanders,


Sunday Night Group

The Sunday Night Group is a student group that focuses on environmental problems and awareness on campus, particularly climate activism. We run our groups as an open forum for people to bounce projects off each other and enlist help with whatever they want to accomplish, and welcome anyone to drop by, propose ideas, and hang out. We have meetings on Sunday nights at 9 p.m. in the Chateau Grand Salon.
Contact: Hannah Bristol,


Eat Real

Eat Real is a group of students committed to conscientious eating and the cultivation of a more sustainable food system at Middlebury. In the spring of 2012, Eat Real organized Veguary, an initiative where 435 students pledged to eat less meat, no meat, or only fish for a week as a means of showing support for the idea that what we eat matters, not only for our own health and well-being, but for that of animals, farmers, and the planet.


MEAT Group

The MEAT club aims to teach and explain the importance of eating local meats instead of those produced in factory farms, while supporting the farmers in the surrounding area.  The group achieves this by hosting large cookouts where only food provided by local farmers is served. The goal of the group is to organize fun events in which attendees leave with an understanding about where their food actually comes from.
Contact: Stephen Etna


Green Engineers

The Green Engineers work to develop innovative environmentally-friendly technologies. The club’s current major project is converting a Ford 8N tractor to run on hydrogen. The club has worked on a wind turbine project and is considering developing electro-magnetic bike locks for a bike share program. We are open to any other ideas for projects as well as new perspectives on current projects!
Contact: Harry Philip,


Socially Responsible Investment Club

The Middlebury Socially Responsible Investment Club promotes social and environmental justice through Middlebury’s endowment. Because Middlebury supports companies through investments in its endowment, it is important to ensure these companies align with Middlebury’s environmental and social priorities. We have already created a large separate endowment that only invests in environmentally and socially conscious companies, and seek to promote transparency in the administration. These investments are one of the most direct ways that Middlebury affects the real world. Feel free to contact us and make a difference!
Contact: Virginia Wiltshire-Gordon,


Green Team, athletic sustainability liaisons

Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest

531 College Street
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753