Biofuels for Heat & Transport

Middlebury College uses a biofuel blend in all campus furnaces that are not connected to the central heating plant as well as in several maintenance vehicles with diesel engines, during warmer weather.

In 2008-2009 Middlebury used 156,306 gallons of B20, a mixture of #2 fuel oil with 20% vegetable oil, and over the last 3 years, Middlebury’s use of B20 fuel averaged to 147,000 gallons annually.

Biodiesel has a less harmful impact on human health and reduces greenhouse gas and particulate emissions. A test burning of the B20 fuels in 21 buildings around campus was conducted as part of a research project with the Vermont Biofuels Association, the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association,The National Oilheat Resource Alliance (NORA), the Vermont Bioheat Program, the Vermont Sustainable Jobs Fund, and Champlain Valley Heating and Plumbing. We found that the B20 fuel works well with a variety of heating equipment, which gave us the confidence to make the switch for all the furnaces on campus for buildings not connected to the central heating system.