The Solar Farm


In January 2012, Middlebury College announced plans to build a solar farm consisting of 34 solar trackers from AllEarth Renewables, a company based in Williston, VT. AllEarth manufactures the innovative solar energy systems, called AllSun Trackers, that feed electricity into nearby power lines.

The 143 kW installation is located on about 1.5 acres of college land on Route 125, west of McCardell Bicentennial Hall, Middlebury’s science facility. Students provided the initial impetus and research behind this project, which continues to demonstrate the importance of student interest and action with sustainability on campus.

The solar farm produced 243,000 kWh over the past year- more electricity than is used annually in Forest Residential Hall. See our monthly solar panel energy production from All Earth Renewables.

Solar Panels

The panels on The Franklin Environmental Center, Solar Decathlon's Self-Reliance, and Farell House produced 259 kWh in 2013. In addition, two solar hot water systems have been installed in student housing.