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Apply for an Environmental Council Grant!

The Environmental Council is now accepting grant proposals for the 2014-2015 academic year. Grants are available from $25 to $2500. All Middlebury staff, faculty, and students are eligible to apply.

Apply here.

We have found that the most successful funded projects are collaborative, creative, and sustainable- bringing together groups and individuals from a variety of disciplines and backgrounds, providing a new solution to a difficult problem, and having continuity beyond the initial funding phase.

2014-2015 Applications

First Round
Applications due: October 15, 2014

Second Round
Applications due: February 10, 2015

Third Round
Applications due: April 28, 2015

For more information contact:

Grant Application

The mission of the Environmental Council is to engage and support all members of the College community in advancing leadership in sustainability and environmental citizenship.

For more than 15 years, the Environmental Council has played an active role in shaping Middlebury’s commitment to environmental and sustainability issues. The EC is a standing committee that recommends policy, undertakes assessment and projects, educates the college community, and advises the President.

The EC has worked on policy and outreach efforts related to management of college lands, environmentally preferred purchasing, energy, transportation, food, and carbon neutrality. Instrumental in the College’s carbon neutrality initiative, the Environmental Council established a working group to investigate options for reducing carbon dioxide emissions on campus, providing the foundation for carbon neutrality at Middlebury.

The Environmental Council also awards grants to members of the college community for sustainability projects. These resources have given students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to create and participate in over seventy projects that further Middlebury’s sustainability goals.

Comprised of a cross-section of faculty, staff, and students, the EC meets every other week throughout the academic year.

College Handbook Governance for Environmental Council

2014 -2015 Environmental Council


Forrest Carroll ‘15

Tiffany Chang ‘17

Nate Cleveland ’16.5 (Campus Sustainability Coordinators Liason)

Sarah Dohan ‘17.5

Sarah Gledhill ‘17

Oscar Johansson ‘18

Alia Johnson ‘16

Shaojin Li ‘16

Mary "Wei Wei" Magnuson ‘16

Dylan McGarthwaite ‘15

Anahi Naranjo ‘17

Mariah Neilsen ‘18

Ethan Reilly ‘17

Erin Van Gessel ’17.5

Sophie Vaughan ‘17

Natalie Valentin ‘15

Lindsay April Warne ’15 (SGA Environmental Affairs Liaison)


David Allen, Biology

Natalie Eppelsheimer, German, Co-Chair

Kemi Fuentes-George, Political Science

Sallie Sheldon, Biology


Jack Byrne, Director, Office of Sustainability Integration. Co-Chair

Sophie Esser Calvi, Global Food Studies Coordinator

Paul Dow, PM Manager, Retail Food Ops

Francisca Drexel, Academic Dept. Coordinator, Film & Media Culture/Asst, CCSRE

Victoria "Tori" Jones, Asst. Dir. Annual Giving

Eva Fillion, Outreach/Communications Coordinator, Office of Sustainability Integration


Campus MicroGrid Feasibility

Real Food in Dining Halls

ESG/STARS (Environmental Social Governance / Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System implementation)


2014-2015 Recommendations

FileEC Briefing Report for President final.docx

2013-2014 Recommendations



Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest

531 College Street
Middlebury College
Middlebury, VT 05753