2010-2011 Grant Recipients

Solar Lighting for the McCullough Patio Area

Project leader: Douglas Adams (dadams@middlebury.edu)

Project description:This past year the front area of the McCullough Student Center was renovated to create an outdoor patio. This extension has been a wonderful addition to the building program. Unfortunately, once the sun goes down the space is dark and dismal. The addition of solar powered landscape lighting would greatly enhance the attractiveness and usability of the space.

College Lands Ecological Evaluation

Project leader: Marc Lapin lapin@middlebury.edu

Project description: The project is a continuation of work to document important ecological and agroecological characteristics of lands and to evaluate the lands based on those characteristics at local and regional scales. The project was initiated in 2009 and a report documenting the college's landholdings in the Champlain Valley was completed in early 2010. Continuing the project will allow us to conduct field work and GIS analyses for the 3,000 acres of mountain lands (Bread Loaf and vicinity).

Food Awareness

Project leader: Jak Knelman (jknelman@middlebury.edu)

Project description: The Residential Sustainability Coordinators (RSCs) would like to hold a school-wide viewing of Food Inc, followed by a discussion of the film, complete with local snacks and informational posters about local farms. Food issues are at the heart of social and environmental discussions, and students will benefit from any opportunity to have an open discussion about food and agriculture. Food Inc is a widely respected and comprehensive introduction to a range of key food-related issues.


Project leader: Nora Lamm (nlamm@middlebury.edu)

Project description: We intend to install the ZimRide software for the Middlebury College Community in order to improve the ride-share system, increase student mobility, and reduce carbon emissions and transportation inefficiency.

Food Sharing Project

Project leader: Helen Young (hjyoung@middlebury.edu)

Project description: We are planning to implement a plan to distribute food left over from catered events on campus to local shelters (John Graham Shelter in Vergennes and Charter House and HOPE in Middlebury, initially). Currently much of the left over food is thrown away or wasted: we will work with caterers to separate the high quality food and deliver it to those who need it in Addison County.

Sustainable Dinner for Feb Orientation

Project leader: Lindsey Messmore (lmessmor@middlebury.edu)

Project description: There is a void in the Feb Orientation program: in introducing new students to the Middlebury community, we forgo any introduction to Middlebury's active role in environmental sustainability. We would like to change this by incorporating a Local Foods and Environmentally Sustainable Dinner into Feb Orientation in 2011 and ideally for years to come.

MAlt Pensacola: Ecosystem Restoration post-Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Project leader: Lisa Luna (lluna@middlebury.edu)

Project description: Our MAlt group will work in the diverse and beautiful coastal ecosystem of Pensacola in Northwestern Florida to help this place recover in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. We will volunteer with Community Collaborations International to restore salt marshes, seagrass, coastal dunes, and oyster reefs that were damaged by the oil spill. We will see the effects of a man-made disaster first hand, and hope to make a difference in the health of the ecosystem.

Sustainability Protocol Curriculum Integration Pilot Project

Project leader: Jeff Stevenson (jstevens@middlebury.edu)

Project description: This project supports a Middlebury student to play a key role in a two-day workshop sponsored by the Middlebury School in Chile, Signatories of the Campus Sustentable Protocol in Chile (a commitment to make each signatory’s campus more sustainable), the Middlebury Sustainability Integration Office and the Chilean Ministry of the Environment. The student, Jonas Schoenfeld, was instrumental in helping develop and implementing the Protocol when studying abroad in Chile.

Green Weekend

Project leader: Andrew Durfee (adurfee@middlebury.edu)

Project description: We want to create Green Weekend, an event bringing athletes, students, and community members together to learn and share information about how students can live lighter on campus and on the planet. Athletes would wear green recycled-plastic laces and green Go Midd Go Green wristbands, campus organizations would set up info booths, and we would sell stainless steel water bottles to encourage the reuse of bottles in sports. Additionally, students and spectators would write personal sustainability pledges on leaf-shaped paper that would be compiled and displayed as art in a public spot on campus. We strongly believe that this event would bring the eco-minded students and the athletes together during a high profile athletic event and would result in a broad benefit for the campus community.