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Sustainability is an everyday part of life at Middlebury and we are always developing ways to get involved, from student-led initiatives to all-campus groups who help the College administration make top-level decisions about the future.

Student Groups

Whether you’re interested in helping the campus learn about green transportation, eating locally, or investing in companies who share a commitment to sustainability, Middlebury has plenty of student groups to choose from.

Campuswide Committees

Several campuswide committees bring together students, faculty, staff, and administration to collaborate on making informed choices for the campus and the world around us.

Sustainability Solutions Lab

The Sustainability Solutions Lab provides our community with resources, information and support to carry out sustainability-related projects on campus dealing typically with waste, energy and transportation. The SSL employs student interns who work either during the regular fall and spring semesters or intensively over the summer and Winter Term. 

Climate Action Capacity Project

Through a generous donation from the Erol Foundation and launching in fall 2020, the Climate Action Capacity Project (CACP) seeks to both support the vital work being done and explore ways to pilot new opportunities to drive real impact. The mission is a lofty but vital one: 

To provide all Middlebury College students 
with the knowledge, motivation, and capacity  
needed to be effective and transformative leaders on climate change  
across backgrounds, disciplines and career paths. 

Student Goverment Association

The SGA deals with all kinds of issues on campus, including sustainabliity--there is even an Environmental Sustainability Committee! Learn more here.

Self-Reliance and InSite

Students on campus can apply to live in either of Middlebury’s two Solar Decathlon homes.


If you’re looking for additional information about sustainability at Middlebury that you can’t find on this site, here is contact info for a few campus leaders who may be able to help.