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Student Groups

Student Groups

Students repairing a bike - Student Groups at Middlebury

Middlebury’s students are known for being active, engaged members of our community, with sustainability and environmental impact being an important aspect that unites them. If you want to get involved, take a look at some of our popular student groups below.

Middlebury College Organic Farm

The Middlebury College Organic Farm cultivates fruits, vegetables, and flowers on a knoll just west of the College on Route 125. Initiated and maintained by student energy and direction, the garden offers volunteer hours and internships. Contact:

Middlebury Mountain Club (MMC)

Middlebury Mountain Club introduces students to the mountains and rivers of Vermont and upstate New York through backpacking, climbing, canoeing, and hiking trips every weekend of the year. 

Weybridge House

Weybridge House is the Sustainable Food Studies House located on the corner of Weybridge and College Streets. Weybridge serves as a space to cook, preserve, gather, and eat local food, both for students and the campus community. Contact:

The Bike Shop

The Bike Shop provides free help fixing and building bicycles of all kinds for students and other campus community members, as well as offering a bicycle rental program to promote green transportation. Contact:

Student Government Association (SGA) Environmental Affairs Committee

The SGA Environmental Affairs Committee works on environmental issues relevant to students, faculty, and staff on campus. The group works with the administration and Office of Sustainability Integration to achieve a more environmentally friendly campus. Contact:

Sunday Night Environmental Group

The Sunday Night Environmental Group focuses on environmental problems and awareness on campus, particularly climate activism. Group meetings, held Sunday nights at 9 p.m. in the Château Grand Salon, are open forums for people to share project ideas and enlist help. Everyone is welcome. Contact:

Eat Real

Eat Real is a group of students committed to conscientious eating and the cultivation of a more sustainable food system at Middlebury. In 2012, Eat Real organized Veguary, an initiative in which 435 students pledged to eat less meat, no meat, or only fish for a week as a means of showing support for the idea that what we eat matters—not only for our own health and well-being, but for animals, farmers, and the planet.

Nutrition Outreach and Mentoring (NOM)

Nutrition Outreach and Mentoring organizes volunteer events and classes with the purpose of introducing people to the idea of using local, in-season foods in healthy cooking. NOM aims to teach people how to cook healthy food for themselves on a budget and to acquire the independence and knowledge that comes with this life skill. Contact:

Socially Responsible Investment Club

The Socially Responsible Investment Club promotes social and environmental justice through Middlebury’s endowment, ensuring that these companies align with Middlebury’s environmental and social priorities. We have created a large separate endowment that only invests in environmentally and socially conscious companies, and we seek to promote transparency in the administration. These investments are one of the most direct ways that Middlebury affects the real world. Contact: Virginia Wiltshire-Gordon,

Billion Dollar Green Challenge

The Billion Dollar Green Challenge encourages colleges, universities, and nonprofit institutions to invest a combined total of one billion dollars in self-managed revolving funds that finance energy efficiency improvements. Middlebury, one of the founding institutions, has a fund of $300,000 with a goal of raising an additional $700,000 to make it a $1,000,000 loan fund. Students, faculty, and staff can propose a project.