Middlebury Sustainability News


This year's AASHE conference in Denver, CO, provided an opportunity for eight members of the College community to learn from colleagues at other institutions as well as share their experiences and stories related to sustainability in higher education.


Michael Nash's film exploring questions  surrounding the relocation of millions of people due to climate change will be screened at 4:30 on Oct. 20 in McCullough Social Space. Nash, executive producer Pat McConathy, and Bill McKibben will discuss the film following the screening.


The Middlebury College community embraced 350.org's Global Work Party, hosted numerous events on campus and in town. The day's goal was to get to work on projects to combat climate change in order to show politicians around the world that it is time to take action on this issue. The Middlebury Community rolled up it's sleeves to join the worldwide movement.


ThinkGreenLiveClean.com, an environmental news website run by student writers from around the country, is sponsoring the contest in an effort to showcase the most creative and innovative green ideas emerging from college campuses. Think you've got what it takes? Enter here!


The Vermont Legislature's Study Group on Biomass Energy Development toured the College's biomass gasification facility and willow test site before their July meeting.


Check out this interview with Andrew Gardner, Middlebury's head cross-country ski coach and athletic sustainability coordinator!


Middlebury Magazine delves into the intricate process of creating and using about 1,500 cubic yards of compost every year.


Way to Go! is a competition that encourages commuters to use alternatives to driving alone. In both 2009 and 2010, Middlebury employees biked, walked, bussed, and carpooled their way to an honorable mention!


Middlebury Magazine's Regan Eberhart goes behind the scenes to see how the recycling center handles their busiest time of year.


Join alumni, parents, and friends at Bread Loaf this August for Alumni College XXXV. One class being offered is Sustainability at Middlebury College, and Beyond, taught by Jack Byrne and Stephen Trombulak.