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Carbon Neutrality Success!

Middlebury successfully reached its 2016 carbon neutrality goal, attaining a net zero carbon footprint by balancing the carbon emissions it releases with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset.

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A Decade of Commitment

From a student initiative in 2007 to years of hard work by the entire campus community, Middlebury’s carbon neutrality efforts are something we can all feel proud of. Watch the story behind the success.

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The Power of Biomass

For more than a decade, carbon reduction has been a community-driven initiative. Middlebury is the first higher education institute of significant size to meet its goal to be carbon neutral in 2016.

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Middlebury Receives Award for Carbon Neutrality

Second Nature recognizes institution’s climate leadership in higher education.

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President’s House Wins Award for Energy Efficiency

Renovation project increases sustainability and retains historic character.

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Middlebury Ranks Fifth Nationally for Sustainability

AASHE's 2016 Sustainable Campus Index recognizes top-performing colleges and universities.

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Student Podcast Explores Vermont Dairy Farmers’ Challenges, Strategies

A group of students in an environmental studies class interviewed nine local farmers for a project they named CowTalk.

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Feb 23

Persephone on a Warming Planet: Howard E. Woodin ES Colloquium Series

John Elder, Professor Emeritus of English and Environmental Studies at Middlebury College

This talk will explore the timeliness of the myth of Persephone in our era of global warming, and will also reflect more broadly about how the Western tradition's deep cultural resources may be brought into play at this moment of ecological and spiritual crisis.

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Feb 24

Fundamentals of Design: Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture

Workshop with Jon Turner of Wild Roots Farm

90% of mistakes can be prevented with an efficient design. This workshop will give you an understanding of different ways to view the landscape and how the site can influence a successful design. We will discuss permaculture principles and how to apply them to this process, while also providing case studies of the effectiveness of ecological design.

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Mar 02

Outliers: Exploring the Realm of the Peculiar: Howard E. Woodin ES Colloquium Series

Mez Baker-Medard, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Molly Costanza-Robinson, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Environmental Studies, Daniel Brayton, Associate Professor of English and American Literatures, Middlebury College.

What are our understandings of and reaction to outliers? From science to the humanities, this panel will explore the realm of the peculiar. We will discuss variability (real, measured, and imagined), eccentric individuals, and paradigm-breaking insight.

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Mar 09

Food Localization and Black Power in Contemporary Detroit: Howard E. Woodin ES Colloquium Series

Erica Morrell, C3 Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Middlebury College

In this talk, Erica explains how 21st century food localization in Detroit transformed from a white-led movement based in cultures of science to a black-led movement favoring experience—and what this means for our notions of knowledge, power, and environmental justice more broadly.

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