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With innovative ideas from the campus community, a supportive administration, and the oldest undergraduate environmental studies program in the country, Middlebury provides an inspired and energetic atmosphere in which to explore real-world problems.

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2014 Energy use (for heating/cooling)

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Middlebury is the first higher education institute of significant size to be on track to meet its goal of carbon neutrality by 2016, and that reduction is largely due to the completion of the biomass gasification facility in 2009.

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Featured Stories

Featured Stories

The Power of Biomass

For more than a decade, carbon reduction has been a community-driven initiative. Middlebury is the first higher education institute of significant size to be on track to be carbon neutral in 2016.

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Organic Farming

Middlebury’s Organic Farm promotes awareness of issues surrounding food production and provides endless opportunities for instruction and hands-on learning.

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Sustainable Design

Walk across campus. Duck into a favorite building. And take a closer look. You’ll find energy efficient design, reused materials, and sustainably harvested wood all over Middlebury.

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Middlebury named winner of Charles HW Foster Award for Bread Loaf land conservation

Middlebury College has been named winner of the inaugural Charles H.W. Foster Award for Exemplary Academic Leadership in Land Conservation, presented by Academics for Land Protection in New England (ALPINE), a program of Harvard University’s Harvard Forest.

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Middlebury Entrepreneurship Featured on PBS NewsHour

The 8-minute feature story explores the role of entrepreneurship in a traditional liberal arts setting.

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Physics Professor Rich Wolfson Reacts to Paris Climate Agreement

Wolfson, who teaches about global warming and climate change at Middlebury, says the agreement is a good start that will hopefully lead to more progress in the near future.

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2015: The Year in Stories

We take a look back at some of the big news stories that shaped Middlebury over the past year.

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Feb 18

Drilling, Poking and Prodding: Getting Under Antarctica's Icy Skin

Woodin Colloquium presented by Jill Mikucki, Assistant Professor of Biology, Middlebury College.

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Feb 25

Adequacy and Equity Under Neoliberal Climate Governance: Assessing The Paris Moment

Woodin Colloquium presented by Dr. Timmons Roberts, Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies; Professor of Sociology Brown University, Institute at Brown for the Environment and Society.

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Mar 03

Futurity Despite: Planting Ourselves into the Tomorrow

Woodin Colloquium presented by Ross Gay, Associate Professor of Creative Writing, Indiana University; Spring 2016 Bread Loaf Orion Resident.

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Mar 10

Shedding Light on the Working Forest: Curiosity, Connection and Creativity

Woodin Colloquium presented by Kathleen Kolb, painter and Verandah Porche, poet.

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