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Campus Planning

Sustainability is a key feature that Middlebury takes into account when planning for the future. Middlebury’s campus master plan guides the College’s growth and development for the next 50 years, and the strategic plan outlines future institutional development. Middlebury has also developed its own Sustainable Design Guidelines, which is based on LEED Silver.

Master Plan

For campus infrastructure, the master plan emphasizes upgrading building envelopes to improve energy efficiency and creating a more pedestrian friendly campus. The campus master plan sets forth 10 overall goals:

  • Promoting sustainability in all college operations and planning
  • Enhancing Middlebury’s relationship to the ecological landscape
  • Reinforcing the campus’s architectural character and scale
  • Promoting an accessible, pedestrian-friendly campus
  • Improving the relationship between town and college
  • Increasing the variety of campus open spaces
  • Optimizing pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow
  • Fostering year-round campus
  • Consolidating academic units on campus
  • Establishing connectivity between campus areas

It also supports the College’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2016 with goals to increase renewable energy for heating and cooling.

Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest

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