How to apply

  • Complete all questions in the form below
  • Attach a document entitled ECG_app_"your last name" in the final step of the form
  • If your project requires cooperation, support, or permission from a College department, or and off- or on-campus group, please provide a letter of support for the project from them. Letters can be uploaded below, emailed to Kristin Smith at kksmith@middlebury.edu, or delivered to Kristin Smith Room 109 Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest.
  • If your project requires or affects resources controlled by another department or student organization, please fill out this form and return it to the Office of Sustainability Integration Room 109 Franklin Environmental Center at Hillcrest.

General tips for applying:

Review the ec_grants_guidelinesEC grant guidelines

Follow the application directions (both in terms of answering the questions and the page limits);

•  Be sure to attach your full project description (the last step of the application form) in addition to answering the questions in the form;

• If you are recommending changing some system at Middlebury, talk with the person responsible for current system and document their reaction to the change, provide info on institutional history and relevant data;

• Look over the past grants given by the Environmental Council to see if any similar projects have been funded and explain how yours is different or how it complements previous work;

• Answer the basic grant questions in the project description: what are you going to do, how (when, where, timeline, etc), why does it need to be done, why are you the one to do it, what's the benefit or outcome or dissemination.

Environmental Council Grant application

Please fill out the following form to apply for an Environmental Council Grant.

Please upload a document explaining:
• what are you going to do
• how (when, where, timeline, etc)
• why it needs to be done
• why are you the one(s) to do it
• what’s the benefit or outcome or dissemination, what are your measures of success (Please limit this Project Description to no more than three pages).

Please upload a letter of support from any group or department whose support, cooperation, or permission will be required for your project.