Green Panther Challenge

WHAT is it?

The Green Panther Challenge is a new program through the Office of Sustainability Integration (OSI) and Athletics that seeks to engage student athletes and their fans by challenging them to up their practice of sustainability in sports.

OSI and Athletics are working together each year by choosing a challenge theme for teams to work on throughout their season. Teams, under the leadership of their coaches and Green Liaisons, meet the yearly challenge on two levels:

  1. Individual teams set their own "better practices" for team-efforts to meet the challenge, such as better recycling in the locker rooms, using reusable water bottles, minimizing their use of disposable items etc.
  2. OSI and Athletics will host department-wide events throughout all 3 seasons that include engaging fans in helping meet the challenge during games and which players and teams can play a key role in making a success.

This year’s theme is Waste Reduction. We will be holding a series of “Perfect Sort” game days, where our goal is to have fans correctly sort all their waste during the game into recycling, compost and trash in order to reduce what goes into the landfill.

WHO does it?

Here’s the breakdown of who does what in the Green Panther Challenge:

  • Athletes work together as a team to address each year’s theme and participate in OSI/Athletics-sponsored events to engage the community
  • Green Liaisons are appointed team leaders and are responsible for relaying information between OSI and their teammates. Check out the Starting Checklist for Green Liaisons for more information.
  • Coaches help guide their teams in their efforts to address the yearly theme
  • Office of Sustainability Integration will provide support and guidance for coaches, Green Liaisons and athletes

HOW will we track our progress?

OSI will administer 3 simple surveys sent to each team member throughout each season: the first will ask what goals and strategies a team has chosen to address the challenge theme, while the second and third surveys will ask how well those strategies are working. This will not only help determine how well the program is working, but will also aid in making any necessary changes for the following year. We will also measure response rates to ensure that a critical number of team members are participating in the program.

Fall timeline:

Sept. 17 Meeting with liaisons, coaches and OSI
Sept. 25 Teams select better practices through Survey 1
Oct. 3     Facilities establishes baseline recycling rate at football v. Colby
Oct. 10   Gameday plan created
Oct. 16   Gameday volunteer meeting and training
Oct. 17   Homecoming, 1st Perfect Sort gameday  at football v. Willimas
Oct. 19   Survey 2
Oct. 26   OSI generates progress report based on Survey 2

Oct. 31   Second Perfect Sort gameday event at football v. Trinity
Nov.18  Survey 3
Nov.23  Final results and scores calculated, recognition awarded to players/teams


Starting Checklist for Green Liaisons

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