Bike Shop

See inside the shop and meet shop affiliated students.Minutes after the bike sale
The Middlebury Bike Shop is a student-run, college-owned facility dedicated to promoting cycling on campus and teaching bicycle maintenance. It is open to all members of the Middlebury College community.

During open hours students, faculty, or staff can stop by to work on their bikes. Bike Shop employees are available to answer questions, teach, and help out with problems.

Where is the shop?

The Bike Shop is located in the basement of Adirondack House which overlooks Adirondack Circle on Rt. 125. The door to the bike shop faces Ross Commons and is signed, "Bike Shop" above the door.

How can I get a bike?

ID card holders may purchase used bikes at a sale held the first Saturday of the fall semester.

The bike shop is also continuing its bike rental program that was just launched in the spring of 2012. Students can rent a bike for $25.00 a semester beginning September 30th. Come in during shop hours to find out more.

We also will accept any unwanted bikes as donations.