Laboratory and Art Studio Wastes

Chemical wastes generated in laboratories, academic photo labs, and art studios are required to be accumulated and disposed in accordance with Middlebury College's Laboratory Management Plan

All chemical wastes that are not approved for drain disposal must be accumulated in suitable waste containers. Here is a short summary of the required procedures:

• Affix or attach a Middlebury College Chemical Waste Tag to each container. Tags are available from Caitlin Carr in the Laboratory Stores. The following information must be entered on the tag before waste is placed in the container:

- The name and phone number of the person responsible for the material.

- The building and room number where the material is stored.

- A description of the type of waste to be placed in the container.

- The date that any waste was first placed in the container.

• As waste is added to the container, all of the chemical constituents must be listed on the Waste Tag. If practicable, an estimate of the proportion of each constituent as a percentage by volume or weight should also be included, particularly if constituents exceed 5% by volume or weight.

• Chemical waste containers must be kept closed except when waste is being added. Incompatible chemicals should not be placed into the same waste container, and, to reduce disposal costs, dissimilar waste types should not be mixed (e.g., metals with flammables).

• Notify the Laboratory Stores Manager when chemical waste containers are full and ready for pickup. The Laboratory Stores Manager will also collect waste containers at regular, predetermined intervals not to exceed six months.

The full Laboratory Management Plan is available below.

Lab Management Plan.pdf