McCardell Bicentennial Hall: 8am - 12am
Image of tubes, beakers, and a computer laptop in a science lab.

The Sciences Technical Support Services Department provides support for McCardell Bicentennial Hall and across the sciences in many vital areas.

The Technical Services group, overseen by Jody Smith, performs such essential functions as the design and fabrication of scientific apparatus, support and repair of laboratory and field equipment, and software development and implementation for various instruments. In addition we provide extensive direct support and training for advanced analytical instruments and instrument systems.

STSS staff are actively engaged in training and development to ensure that they remain up-to-date in their respective fields, and work closely with faculty to ensure that the work we perform optimally benefits the academic program.

Technical Services

Jody Smith, associate director for Sciences Technical Support, oversees the Sciences Technical Support group. Jody provides extensive direct support and training for advanced analytical instruments and instrument systems.

Kevin Booth, instrument technician, provides general support and maintenance for a subset of our instrumentation, with a focus on vacuum, electrical, and electromechanical systems.

Jonathan Kemp, telescope and scientific computing specialist, has extensive knowledge of and experience with telescopes, ranging from amateur instruments to some of the most advanced optical and infrared telescope systems in the world. He provides support for astronomy classes and student-faculty research with the 24-inch and other telescopes that compose the College’s observatory, also conducting such outreach activities as public viewing nights and programs with local schools.

Eamon McMahon, scientific machinist, capably fabricates assemblies of plastic, wood, welded steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, in addition to performing precision machining in a variety of materials and servicing mechanical systems. 

Lance Ritchie, senior laboratory and instrument technician, provides direct support to physics laboratories and has primary responsibility for the NMR spectrometer. Additionally, he provides ancillary support to other computer-based instrument systems.


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