McCardell Bicentennial Hall: 7am - 6pm

Behind nearly every facet of the sciences at Middlebury, the imprint of the STSS Department can be found.

From the fabrication and repair of scientific equipment to supporting the College’s scientific research facilities; from support and training for instrument systems to the development of analytical protocols; from animal husbandry to the preparation and setup of laboratories; from cultivation of exotic plant species in the greenhouse to overseeing environmental safety and regulatory compliance, STSS staff are at work in support of the College’s science teaching and research programs. STSS is also responsible for management of the College’s science center building, McCardell Bicentennial Hall (MBH), and for providing numerous direct support services to building occupants.

The Sciences Technical Support Services Department provides support for the occupants of McCardell Bicentennial Hall and across the sciences in many vital areas.

STSS staff are actively engaged in training and development to ensure that they remain up-to-date in their respective fields, and work closely with faculty to ensure that the work they perform optimally benefits the academic program.

Complete required laboratory safety training

Complete Training

Schedule and use a scientific instrument

Reserve Instrument

Provide information on a safety incident or near miss

File Report

Comply with the Chemical Hygiene Plan

Consult Plan

Comply with the Laboratory Management Plan

Consult Plan

Find Safety Data Sheets for chemicals

Access Data