Group of students on the steps of Carr Hall during Pride Week

Middlebury College strives to create a safe space for queer and transgender community members. There are many active and welcoming resources for LGBTQIA+ individuals and allies throughout the institution and off-campus.

The Anderson Freeman Resource Center uses the phrase queer and/or transgender interchangeably with LGBTQIA+ to describe the students part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

This is to provide the most inclusive of language for those in the queer and trans communities. We acknowledge that not everyone under the queer umbrella identifies with the label of queer to describe their gender identity, gender expression, and/or sexual orientation. This is the same for transgender-nonbinary, genderfluid, and agender folx who may or may not identify with the label of transgender.

We use queer and/or transgender recognizing the broadness of identity, and we use both queer and transgender as umbrella terms. We do this to acknowledge the limits that LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQ+, and LGBTQIA+ have in representing the entirety of the queer and transgender community. You will hear us use LGBTQIA+ in conversation with people who may not feel comfortable using queer, as it depends on personal reclamation to be used. 

The resources below are not exhaustive. Please contact Janae Due at with any questions.