From advising and mentoring to community-building and celebrating identity, the Anderson Freeman Resource Center provides its students with a variety of offerings to support them in all aspects of academic, social, personal, and communal life.

Learn more about our robust and ongoing programs below. For support services, we provide the following:

  • Student mentoring, advising, and connections to campus resources
  • Self-care and wellness support
  • Support for student cultural organizations
  • Peer tutoring (weekly)
  • Peer career advising (weekly)

First-Generation Students

First-generation students are the first in their families to attend a four-year college. As a first-generation student at Middlebury College you have the opportunity to join the First-Gen Experience, aimed at supporting your academic and social success. Annual events and programs include First@Midd pre-orientation program, First-Generation Week which includes National First-Gen Day, First-Gen Excursions, a First@Midd Cohort Reunion each semester, and the First-Gen Graduation Celebration.

Queer and Transgender Students

Students identifying as queer and/or transgender (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, pansexual +) can find support, explore their identity, and join community at the Anderson Freeman Center. The AFC has many active and welcoming resources and programs for queer and transgender students, including but not limited to Pride Week, Queer Sex Ed, Queer Book Club, Coming Out Campfire Stories, Trans Day of Remembrance, and Lavender Graduation.

Students of Color

The Anderson Freeman Resource Center offers resources and programs to support the holistic development of Students of Color so that they can obtain their goals for academic achievement, personal growth, identity formation, and cultural development.

Middlebury Intercultural Leaders Coalition 

The Middlebury Intercultural Leaders Coalition (MILC) is a cultural org cluster, and works together with the Anderson Freeman Resource Center to facilitate communication and cooperation between student cultural organizations, and offer programs to the campus.

Social Events and Study Breaks

Self-care and healing activities, movie nights, field trips, game nights, mixers, study breaks, and “Stressbusters” during midterms and finals week.

Peer Career Advising

A student career advisor is available at the AFC once a week to help you with resume writing and tips, jobs and internship advice, and to answer any of your questions. Sessions are hosted by the CCI Peer Career Advisors, Tuesdays 7pm - 9pm at the AFC.

Peer Writing Tutoring

A student tutor is available at the AFC every week to assist with building writing skills and reviewing assignments and papers. Hosted by Hinda from the CTLR Peer Writing Tutors on Sundays from 7pm - 11pm in the AFC.

AFC Outdoors

AFC Outdoors is an initiative that aims to foster engagement with the outdoors, provide resources for outdoor recreation, and host diverse outings for underrepresented students on campus who want to explore outdoor spaces at Middlebury in a safe community where they feel empowered, represented, and celebrated. Programs are offered in partnership with Middlebury Outdoor Programs and some trips are in conjunction with Fostering Inclusive Recreation Experiences (F.I.R.E.) student group.

Martin H. Freeman Lecture Series

The Martin H. Freeman Lecture Series aims to create an inclusive environment bringing faculty and students from STEM disciplines together to learn about other prominent scientists of color who have aspirational careers. The event is also about building community for STEM students of color on campus and beyond. Presented in conjunction with the STEM departments and the Center for Comparative Study of Race and Ethnicity.

Senior Wall-Signing

The Anderson Freeman Resource celebrates graduating seniors who identify as POC, First-Gen, Queer, and Transgender every May. Graduating seniors are invited to tag their name under the graduation cap on the AFC Alumni Wall of Fame, located in the basement of Carr Hall. Although this new tradition was started in 2018, all alumni returning to campus are invited to stop by the AFC and sign their names.

Angels Award

The Angels Award is given annually to a sophomore woman of color who throughout her first year demonstrated leadership, scholarship, and activism in the college community. The purpose of the award is to encourage academic excellence and affirm the important role of diversity on campus.

Alexander Twilight 1823 Diversity and Community Leadership Award

The Alexander Twilight 1823 Diversity and Community Leadership Award is given to the student who best exemplifies Twilight’s leadership and determination to effect change within the Middlebury community by transcending boundaries of race, class, and gender through active collaboration.

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