Sayaka Abe

Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies

Sayaka Abe & Shawna Shapiro (2021) Sociolinguistics as a pathway to global citizenship: critically observing ‘self’ and ‘other’, Language Awareness, 30:4, 355-370

Molly Anderson

William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Food Studies

Molly D Anderson, Marta Rivera-Ferre. “Food system narratives to end hunger: extractive versus regenerative.” Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability, Volume 49, 2021, Pages 18-25.

Ata Anzali

Associate Professor of Religion

Sufism in the Safavid Period In The Safavid World. Routledge, 2021.

Shiʿi Islam and Sufism: Classical Views and Modern Perspectives, edited by Denis Hermann and Mathieu Terrier, Shii Studies Review Vol. 5, Issue 1-2 (2021), pages 340-347

Brandon Baird

Associate Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies

Bilingual language dominance and contrastive focus marking: Gradient effects of K’ichee’ syntax on Spanish prosody. International Journal of Bilingualism, Vol 25, Issue 3, 2021

Mez Baker-Medard

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Baker-Médard, M., Gantt, C., & White, E. R. (2021). Classed conservation: Socio-economic drivers of participation in marine resource management. Environmental Science & Policy, 124: 156-162.

Daniel G. Brayton

Julian W. Abernethy Professor of Literature • English and American Literatures/Environmental Studies

“Shakespeare’s Fishponds: Matter, Metaphor, and Market,” in The Routledge Handbook of Shakespeare and Animals, eds. Karen Raber and Holly Dugan, New York and London: Routledge, 2021. pp. 21-33.

Kristin Bright

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Mills, Anneliese, Kristin Bright, Rachel Wortzman, Sally Bean, and Debbie Selby. “Medical assistance in dying and the meaning of care: Perspectives of nurses, pharmacists, and social workers.” Health.

The cover of Committed by Susan Burch

Susan Burch

Professor of American Studies

Committed - Remembering Native Kinship in and beyond Institutions

Maggie Clinton

Associate Professor of History

Book review: Raising China’s Revolutionaries: Modernizing Childhood for Cosmopolitan Nationalists and Liberated Comrades, 1920s–1950s by Margaret Mih Tillman. The American Historical Review, Volume 126, Issue 1, March 2021, Pages 286–287

Kate Crawford

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies

Cleary, B.M., Romano, M.E., Chen, C.Y. et al.Comparison of Recreational Fish Consumption Advisories Across the USA.” Curr Envir Health Rpt 8, 71–88.

Book cover: American Liturgy

James Calvin Davis

George Adams Ellis Professor of Liberal Arts and Professor of Religion

American Liturgy: Finding Theological Meaning in the Holy Days of US Culture. Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2021

Florence Feiereisen

Associate Professor of German

Feiereisen, Florence, and Sassin, Erin. “Sounding Out the Symptoms of Gentrification in Berlin.” Resonance 2, no. 1, p. 27-51

Irina Feldman

Associate Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies

Ruin/Waste:Temporal and Spatial Logics of the City of La Paz in Saenz and Viscarra, Bolivian Studies Journal [Online], Volume 26(10 December 2021

Book cover titles Agent of Chage

James Fitzsimmons

Professor of Anthropology

“Divine Food and Fiery Covenants: The Significance of Ash in Ancient Maya Religion.” In Agent of Change: The Deposition and Manipulation of Ash in the Past, ed. Barbara Roth and Charles Adams, 214-225. Berghahn Books, 2021.

Book cover of Vergil Aeneid 7

Randall Ganiban

Professor of Classics

Vergil: Aeneid 7

Genie Giaimo

Assistant Professor of Writing and Rhetoric

Article on data visualization

Book cover titled "Thoreau in an Age of Crisis"

Rebecca Gould

Associate Professor of Environmental Studies

The Whiteness of Walden: Reading Thoreau with Attention to Black Lives.” In Thoreau in an Age of Crisis. Brill | Fink, August 2021, p. 161-180.

Marta Manrique-Gómez

Associate Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies

Review of Despertarse de Europa: arte, literatura, euroescepticismo, by Luis Martín-Estudillo. Hispanic Review 89, no. 2 (2021): 243-246.

Book cover: Making the Case: Feminist and Critical Race Philosophers Engage Case Studies

Heidi Grasswick

George Nye & Anne Walker Boardman Professor of Mental and Moral Science

Making the Case: Feminist and Critical Race Philosophers Engage Case Studies

Edited by Heidi Grasswick & Nancy Arden McHugh

Kareem Khalifa

Professor of Philosophy

Kareem Khalifa; Richard Lauer “Do the Social Sciences Vindicate Race’s Reality?Philosophers’ Imprint, 2021, Volume 21, No. 21, pp. 1-17


Megan Mayhew-Bergman

Visiting Asst Professor of English & Amer Lits.

The Heirloom.” Sewanee Review 129, no. 4 (2021): 610-622.

Otilia Milutin

Assistant Professor of Japanese Studies

Shōjo Murasaki, Seinen Genji: Sexual Violence and Textual Violence in Yamato Waki’s Fleeting Dreams and Egawa Tatsuya’s Tale of Genji Manga Japanese Language and Literature [Online], Volume 55 Number 1 (21 April 2021).

Jason Mittell

Professor of Film and Media Culture

Deformin’in the Rain: How (and Why) to Break a Classic Film.” DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly 15, no. 1

Book cover of Chinese Fiction Writers, 1900-1949 (Dictionary of Literary Biography, 328) by Moran, Thomas

Thomas Moran

John D. Berninghausen Professor of Chinese

Dictionary of Literary Biography® • Volume Three Hundred Eighty-Seven

Chinese Poets Since 1949

Book cover of "Early Modern Court Culture"

Paul Monod

Hepburn Professor of History

Chapter “Coronations.” In Early Modern Court Culture

Kathryn Morse

John C Elder Prof of Environmental Studies; Prof of History

Book review: Migrant Citizenship: Race, Rights, and Reform in the U.S. Farm Labor Camp Program by Verónica Martínez-Matsuda in Journal of American History, Volume 108, Issue 3, December 2021, Pages 629–630

Kevin Moss

Jean Thomson Fulton Professor of Modern Language and Literature

Russia’s Queer Science, or How Anti-LGBT Scholarship is Made, In The Russian Review, Vol. 80, Issue 1 (2021), pages 17-36

Stefano Mula

Professor of Italian

Ragione, ripetizione e superbia : una nota sul Virgilio dantesco,” edited by Paolo Loffredo (Inf. III, 95-96), 2021.

Book cover titled "Handbook on Religion in China"

Ellen Oxfeld

Gordon Schuster Professor of Anthropology


Handbook on Religion in China

Handbooks of Research on Contemporary China series, Edited by Stephan Feuchtwang

Chapter 6: Life-cycle rituals in rural and urban China: birth, marriage and death

Book cover of Benjamin's Crossing by Jay Parini

Jay Parini

D. E. Axinn Professor of English and Creative Writing

Benjamin’s Crossing

Book cover of: Alton’s Paradox: Foreign Film Workers and the Emergence of Industrial Cinema in Latin America

Nicolas Poppe

Associate Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies

Alton’s Paradox: Foreign Film Workers and the Emergence of Industrial Cinema in Latin America

Suny Press

Erin Sassin

Associate Professor of History of Art & Architecture

Feiereisen, Florence, and Sassin, Erin. “Sounding Out the Symptoms of Gentrification in Berlin.” Resonance 2, no. 1, p. 27-51

Barrera, Silvina Lopez, and Sassin, Erin. “Centro Cultural MÓvil: Critical Service Learning and Design with Latinx Farmworkers.” In Public Space/Contested Space. Routledge 2021.


Shawna Shapiro

Assoc Professor, Writing & Rhetoric / Linguistics

Sayaka Abe & Shawna Shapiro (2021) Sociolinguistics as a pathway to global citizenship: critically observing ‘self’ and ‘other’, Language Awareness, 30:4, 355-370


Hermann Cohen Writings by Robert Schine

Robert Schine

Curt and Else Silberman Professor of Jewish Studies

Hermann Cohen - Writings on Neo-Kantianism and Jewish Philosophy

Edited by Samuel Moyn and Robert S. Schine

Pavlos Sfyroeras

Professor of Classics

15 Sacrificial Feasts and Euripides’ Cyclops: Between Comedy and Tragedy? in Reconstructing Satyr Drama edited by Andreas Antonopoulos, Menelaos Christopoulos and George William Mallory Harrison, 361-374. Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter,

Book cover: The Routledge Companion to Black Women’s Cultural Histories

Daniel F. Silva

Associate Professor of Luso-Hispanic Studies

(Anti-)colonial Assemblages: The History and Reformulations of Njinga Mbande.” In The Routledge Companion to Black Women’s Cultural Histories.

New York: Routledge, 2021.

John Spackman

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Stepien, R. K. Buddhist Philosophy of Consciousness: Tradition and Dialogue, edited by Mark Siderits, Ching Keng and John Spackman. Buddhist Studies Review, 38(2), 269–273.

Timothy Spears

Professor of American Studies

Stone Truths: American Memorial Landscapes of World War I.” Journal of Military History 85, no. 2 (2021).

Louisa Stein

Associate Professor of Film and Media Culture

Morimoto, Lori, Paul Booth, Ross Garner, Melanie E. S. Kohnen, Bethan Jones, E. J. Nielsen, Louisa Ellen Stein, and Rebecca Williams. 2021. “Transcultural Fan Studies in Practice: A Conversation.” Fan Studies Pedagogies, edited by Paul Booth and Regina Yung Lee, special issue, Transformative Works and Cultures, no. 35.

Ulmer,-Spring_Beastiality-of-the-Involved book cover

Spring Ulmer

Visiting Assistant Professor of English and American Literatures

Bestiality of the Involved

Linda White

Associate Professor of Japanese Studies

Not Entirely Married: Resisting the Hegemonic Patrilineal Family in Japan’s Household Registry.” Positions 1 August 2021; Volume 1, Issue 3, pages 581–606.

Catharine Wright

Associate Professor, Writing and Rhetoric/GSFS

My mother is thinking about dying in Pleiades: Literature in Context, Volume 41, Issue. 2 (2021), pages 185-186