Middlebury College requires all students to have primary health insurance. Be sure to check with your primary insurance company to ensure the student will have coverage while attending Middlebury College in Vermont.

Insurance Information

Many insurances cover for emergent and urgent care. Check with your insurance company plan to see if you are eligible for non-emergent/urgent care while here. (For example, Office Visits with specialists, lab work, radiology tests). Also check to see if you have in-network and out of network benefits.

Parents or students who do not feel their coverage is adequate or need insurance can purchase it through Middlebury College. The student will need to re-enroll for this insurance every academic year.

On top of the student’s primary insurance, Middlebury provides its students a $5000.00 accident policy which is secondary to the students home insurance. There is a one (1) year time period from the date of the accident that will be covered.

Beyond the College’s accident policy, the College also carries an athletic excess policy for all its eligible sport teams up to the $90,000.00 NCAA minimum. This policy as well is secondary to any home insurance and only pays after the College accident insurance mentioned previously has been exhausted. The athletic insurance policy covers the athletic injury for up to 2 years from the date of injury.

Middlebury College Athletic Insurance provides coverage after your own insurance has paid its portion. It only covers injuries that occur during traditional in-season practices or games. Middlebury College Athletics “Excess” Policy applies to Varsity, Club Crew and Rugby teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Let your athletic trainer know at the time the injury occurs so they can assist with initiating a sports injury claim. The secondary insurance will not cover medical bills without the claim from Sports Medicine.
  • Provide a copy of your current primary insurance card (front and back) to your Athletic Trainer or Amal Duprey to assist with timely processing of the claim.
  • Your athletic trainer will provide you with a Middlebury College Athletic Insurance Card. This card is to be given to any provider, specialist, facility in conjunction with your sports injury as your secondary insurance. The excess policy will provide 100% of what is remaining after the primary insurance pays out “usury and customary”.
  • If you have any insurance questions, pertaining to your sports related injury, please contact Amal Duprey at aduprey@middlebury.edu or 9802) 443-3636.
  • Make sure the provider has your primary health insurance information as well as the secondary.
  • Provide the following information as your secondary insurance coverage: BMI Benefits, LLC PO Box 511 Matawan, NJ 07747 800-445-3126 (P) 732-583-9610 (F)

Policy Number:Contact Sports Medicine at (802) 443-3636 for the current policy number.

An insurance carrier can require some verification that demonstrates whether or not the participant was eligible for any other insurance before the claim is processed under the Excess Sports Policy. These plans include; coverage under all group and/or individual, and health maintenance organization plans.

  • Do not pay any outstanding bills. Instead please send the bill to Amal C Duprey, Sports Medicine Administrative Assistant at aduprey@middlebury.edu or (802) 443-3636. She will be able to assist you in getting the remainder paid by the athletic excess policy.