text reads: TimelyCare at Middlebury

Enrolled Middlebury students have access to a telehealth option called TimelyCare at no additional cost.

About TimelyCare

Whether you’re feeling like you might be getting sick, anxious, or overwhelmed, Middlebury students can talk to a licensed provider to get the care they need via phone or secure video visits 24/7/365 in addition to our on-campus services in the Center for Health and Wellness. 

TimelyCare at Middlebury provides 24/7 access to on-demand and scheduled healthcare, at no additional cost to students. TimelyCare providers work exclusively with college and university students and visit notes become a part of students’ holistic electronic health record at the Center for Health and Wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Any student enrolled in a Middlebury program, whether they are on campus or accessing classes remotely. This includes undergraduates, the Middlebury Institute for International Studies (MIIS), Language Schools, Bread Loaf School of English, and Schools Abroad. 

Please note: students located outside of the US will only have access to TalkNow services, where local internet configurations allow due to licensing restrictions. 


  • MedicalNow - 24/7, on-demand medical care
  • TalkNow - 24/7, on-demand emotional support
  • Scheduled Counseling - Select the day, time, and provider of your choice
  • Scheduled Medical - Select the day, time, and provider of your choice
  • Health Coaching - Support for developing and using health skills
  • Self-Care Content - Asynchronous yoga and meditation sessions, and synchronous group conversations with our providers on a variety of health and well-being topics

There is no visit cost for any TimelyCare services for Middlebury students. There is also no cost for Center for Health and Wellness visits for students using those services in Vermont.


Not at all! The Center for Health and Wellness remains the College’s main physical access point for interdisciplinary healthcare services in Vermont and staff in Health Services, Counseling, Health and Wellness Education, Sports Medicine, and Integrated Care continue to work with many students. TimelyCare is meant to complement the services available to programs while offering students choice and after-hours access throughout the year.


Students can go to go/timelycare to set up a profile and access telehealth services. The TimelyCare app is available for mobile devices and tablets and the website can host visits for those on computers. We recommend all students download the app or visit the website to sign in using single sign on and create their profile so that whenever they need to access care, they can do so quickly and efficiently.


Yes. Students who are not yet 18 years old need to call TimelyCare’s customer support team with their parent or guardian present (conference calls are fine) at 833-484-6359. A customer service representative will give the parent/guardian access to create an account that the student can have visits from until they turn 18. This means that both the student and their parent/caregiver will have access to their TimelyCare username and password and have access to their visit records if they wish to view them. Students who do not have a parent or caregiver that can fulfill this role should contact Barbara McCall at 802-443-5361 or bmccall@middlebury.edu to discuss options.

In the state of Vermont there are many kinds of treatment that minors can receive without parental approval or consent which are outlined in our minor treatment policy for the Center for Health and Wellness, including mental healthcare, reproductive healthcare, and emergency situations. Services received on campus in Vermont are subject to this policy.


Students who are enrolled in a Middlebury program have access to TalkNow through TimelyCare while abroad. It is important to note that access to TalkNow is contingent upon local regulations and there are come countries (e.g. China and South Korea) where TimelyCare cannot operate.

All students enrolled in Middlebury programs abroad are automatically enrolled in GeoBlue which includes health insurance, emergency services access, as well as telehealth options and assistance finding local healthcare providers in country. GeoBlue specializes in working with students abroad and their offerings are more comprehensive than TimelyCare for those studying outside of the United States. 

Students who are studying or traveling abroad through another program and are officially on leave with Middlebury do not have access to TimelyCare services domestically and internationally.