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The businesses listed on this page have entered into a Catering Agreement with Middlebury College to meet both State and College standards of operation, and are therefore approved to provide service on campus.

The Controller’s Office will not reimburse payments to caterers that are not on the approved list. If you do not see a caterer that you would like to use, we would be more than happy to set them up. Please have the caterer provide up to date certificate of insurance and a current copy of a board of heath certificate to

The college representative who is hiring the non-college caterer will be the party to communicate with the Events Management Office. All communication from the non- college caterer regarding the event, must be routed from the caterer to the customer and then through to the event management office who then coordinates with the appropriate service departments on campus. At no time will Caterer contact any service department or College scheduling staff directly. 

Coordination of unlocking and locking buildings, media needs, and room set-up are strictly the responsibility of the college customer to coordinate with support from the event management office.  The caterer shall not contact any campus service providers directly. Caterers must provide all their own equipment for service of the food and beverage provided. If your caterer is not able to provide everything that is needed to execute the event you as the customer must coordinate with the caterer to resolve.  Catering/dining will not be able to provide service equipment, food storage or heating or any other access to supplies.  


Please see our Catering Policy for full details.

Full Service, Food and Alcohol

The following businesses are licensed to serve alcohol in addition to offering full service catering.  All laws of the state are to be understood and followed by the caterer.  Minimum notice of 21 days is required for events with alcohol.

Full Service, Food Only

These businesses will cook, serve, and clean-up after your event. Pricing reflects these services, thus will be higher than Pick-up or Drop-off catering.


Limited budget with no time to shop? These businesses have priced their offerings to cover the cost of delivery. Prices do not include set-up or pick-up. It is the responsibility of the event planner to coordinate return of any service equipment to the caterer.


Save on delivery costs and pick up your own catering order! These businesses accept a Middlebury College purchasing card. As the event planner, you are required to provide delivery, set-up, and clean-up.

Food Trucks

Outside event? Why not hire a food truck! Please note food trucks are only allowed in specific areas. Please contact Dan Detora for more information.