A student serves himself from the salad bar in Ross Dining Hall.

Our chefs and kitchen staff are prepared and willing to support your dietary needs. If you aren’t able to find what you need at a meal time, you are welcome and encouraged to have a conversation with our supervising chefs and we will make a meal that you can enjoy

Allergies and Other Dietary Needs

To accommodate allergies and dietary needs, each dining hall is diligent in labeling all ingredients and highlighting potential allergens in every dish served. We maintain open and welcoming kitchens so students can see how meals are being prepared and stored. Our kitchens include a space with allergen-free cooking equipment that is kept behind the regular service line for students to prepare their own food. There are also separate coolers and storage areas with alternative products, such as gluten, soy, and dairy free items as well as vegan options. We do often have proteins available for Halal students looking for alternatives to the regular menu options. Depending on the operation and the popularity students may have to ask for it to be prepared.

We encourage students to communicate with our knowledgeable and accommodating chefs and kitchen staff to better assist them in locating foods that meet their needs. Students can also request a personalized meeting with our Head Chefs to accommodate them further.

If you have very specific dietary needs that may not be satisfied by the information above please fill out the Dietary Request Form.

Take Out and Special Arrangements

In an effort to reduce waste and encourage sustainability, each dining hall offers a reusable take out container program. After the initial minimal purchase you may exchange your carabiner or dirty container for a clean one any time you prefer to take out rather than eat in the dining hall. Please see more information about to-go containers.

  • Middlebury College Dining Service will support arrangements to provide meals for students who may be confined to the Health Center or their rooms due to illness.
  • Early and late meals may also be arranged for athletic teams with games that do not coincide with the dining schedule by contacting the Dining Services office. 
  • During the summer Language Schools, specific meal schedules for each school supports participants in honoring their language pledges.