A most profound challenge.

An educational priority of the highest order.

Middlebury leading on the crisis facing the planet.

Energy2028 will fulfill Middlebury’s mission at its deepest level: students learning how to engage their communities, think consequentially, and act creatively at this crucial time for our environment. 

Middlebury logo for Energy2028

Commitment to Using 100 Percent Renewable Energy

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Commitment to Campus Energy Conservation

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Commitment to Reducing Fossil Fuel Investments

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Commitment to Educational Opportunities

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Energy2028 Is a Journey

What we do to achieve Energy2028 and how we do it are as important as a successful arrival. We can use this journey to transform our energy system and build resilience for taking on the challenges of climate change, social injustice, and supporting the health and well-being of all. 

We have an obligation to lead by example and to learn from and share our successes and mistakes with the communities and networks in which Middlebury is nested. Energy2028 is a new journey on a continuum that Middlebury has been traveling to address the world’s greatest challenges and to better prepare us all to lead lives that are up to the task of our day.

Energy Tracker: One Student's Day

This is Gabe. Gabe is getting ready for a day of class. Just like all of his peers, Gabe uses quite a bit of energy every day.

It’s the TED Radio Hour from NPR. I’m Guy Raz, and this is Greta Thunberg.

I was 16 years old. I come from Sweden, and I want you to panic.

And Greta wants us to panic because our time on this planet is running out.

Gabe wants you to be aware of how much you use and where it comes from. Gabe loves our planet and cares about energy consumption because of its impact on the climate crisis. He is surprised at how much energy all of Middlebury College uses. So, Gabe wants you to listen up.

You’re listening to Mid Moment. I’m Laurie Patton.

Be aware.

By 2028, we aim to have our core campus powered 100% by renewable energy, reduce our energy consumption by 25%, and have a robust faculty-initiated experiential curriculum in place focusing on energy use.

And make a commitment to Energy 2028.


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  • Educational IntegrationJustice

    Two Gifts Will Support Next Generation of Climate Leaders

    A new partnership with Erol and NextWorld Philanthropies will build on Energy2028, Middlebury’s hallmark climate-action plan, and lay the groundwork for educating the next generation of transformative leaders. Energy2028 has as one of its core principles a commitment to integrating environmental literacy into the curriculum; since 2019, faculty, students, and staff have been leading the way.

  • Educational Integration

    Global Sustainability Alums Speaker Series

    Many Middlebury alums have carried a commitment to sustainability directly into their professions—often with national and international impact.

    - How have they been working on the frontlines to achieve a more just, sustainable future?
    - What are their thoughts on tackling some of the world’s most pressing crises?
    - How did they get from Middlebury to where they are today?
    - What can we learn from their achievements, efforts, and setbacks?

    This lecture series brings Midd alums back to campus to discuss these issues and more. Each event will be moderated by students. 

  • Educational Integration

    Sustainability Solutions Interns Present Research Projects

    The Sustainability Solutions Lab interns presented their final projects in August at the Kirk Center in front of faculty and staff advisors who guided them through research and implementation phases.

    Some projects were new while others advanced existing initiatives aimed at helping Middlebury meet its long-term sustainability goals. Past SSL interns have been instrumental in the creation and evolution of Energy2028greening of athleticsadvancing sustainability abroad, sustainable design and construction, sustainable living, and an on-campus student consultancy—127 projects in total since 2017.

Photo of solar panels at Middlebury College

“Middlebury has long championed sustainability. Our actions today signal even broader leadership at all levels of the institution.”

- Middlebury Board Chair Kim Parizeau, 2019

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