The campus facilities of Middlebury College exist to support the College’s mission as a residential liberal arts institution of higher education.

Community Friends and Neighbors

To inquire about scheduling a future non-college event, please read the policies below and email

The primary purpose of the College’s facilities is to provide venues for the many curricular and co-curricular activities which are part of the vibrancy of a residential liberal arts college. When possible, Middlebury College may also make some of its facilities and grounds available for use by non-College not-for-profit groups under the following guidelines and conditions:

1. The organization must be a not-for-profit as defined by the IRS Code or not-for-profit in spirit.

2. Generally, not-for-profit groups that are based in Addison County or that provide substantial services to the residents of Addison County, are given priority for the use of available College facilities or grounds, over non-Addison County groups.

3. Non-College groups, organizations or events may not use College facilities and/or grounds for private or personal gain or profit, or for activities that are not complementary to the mission of the College. The College reserves the right to prohibit or cancel any event, without notice, if it deems the event contrary to the mission of the College.

4.  It is not required that a non-College group has a sponsor within the College in order to request use of College facilities. However, any College department that wishes to be designated as a ‘sponsor’ for an event by a non-College group, must provide an EDORDA accounting code. All internal College costs associated with the event will be charged to that EDORDA. A College individual may not be designated as a sponsor for a non-College group. Only College departments may provide sponsorship.

5.  Use of College facilities for personal use by private individuals is only permitted for College-affiliated individuals. College-affiliated individuals are defined as student, parent, alumnus/ae, faculty, staff, or trustee.

Use of College facilities for a personal event by a College-affiliated individual is regarded as a ‘non-College’ event, and is subject to the requirements of this policy, and of the Black-out and Grey-out Period policy, as a ‘non-College’ event.

6. All non-College event requests should be directed to the Department of Event Management to determine: eligibility of the requesting group; whether the date requested is available; whether space and support resources are available for the event, and the appropriate space/facility for the event.

  • Exception: For use of athletic facilities for athletic events, requests should be made directly to the Athletics Department.  Note: only athletic events or athletics-related events can be scheduled for any facility or room in the athletics complex.

Requests for scheduling an event by a non-College group may be approved only if space and services are available. Middlebury College needs and events take first priority.

7.  Non-College events may not be scheduled more than 6 months in advance.

  • Exception: Wedding/civil union ceremonies for College-affiliated persons may not be scheduled more than 12 months in advance.  Also see section below on Wedding ceremonies or Civil Union ceremonies at Middlebury Chapel.

8.  Middlebury College reserves the right to cancel any non-College event, up to 60 days in advance of the event, if necessary to accommodate a College event.

9. Normally, non-College groups may not schedule events on a regular basis; i.e. no more than two consecutive events; and, for annual events, no more than two consecutive years. It is intended that this practice will allow for a wider range of organizations to be able to use College facilities over time. Non-College groups are discouraged from requesting College space for standing/periodic meetings (i.e. monthly business meetings) as there are other local and regional facilities available for this type of event.

10.  When a request for using a College facility is approved by the Department of Event Management, a representative from the non-College group must submit the following documents to the office:

  • Letter of Agreement, provided by the College;
  • Facilities Use General Release formprovided by the College
  • Proof of adequate insurance (as defined by the College’s Director of Business Services)

11.  All services related to the event are coordinated through the Department of Event Management.  For any contracted services through anyone other than the College, proof of adequate insurance coverages are required from those contractors as defined by the College’s Director of Business Services.  At no time is a contractor permitted to perform work on College property for a non-college event unless they have been approved by the College.

12.  Effective January 1, 2004, a fee will be charged for facilities used for non-College events:

  • Not-for-profit groups or organizations: Non-College not-for-profit groups will be charged a fee for the use of College facilities and/or grounds for their event. This fee does not cover the full cost to the College for providing staff, utilities and equipment needed to make the space available; but only partially defrays the additional costs of staff labor and facilities maintenance. Typically, the fee relates to the partial costs associated with use of the space and provision of normal services provided by Facilities/Custodial, Public Safety, and Media Services needed to make the space available for the event. An event that uses media equipment or technology such as computers, video/film projection, or sound systems, may require College technical staff support and therefore will be charged an additional technology fee per hour for the duration of the event. Some non-College (not-for profit) organizations are engaged with the College in significant collaborative programs or longstanding mutual work relationship. For these organizations, the facilities fees may be waived. This determination is made by the College. However, special needs for media equipment and technical support will be charged a fee.
  • For-profit groups or organizations: Generally, for-profit organizations or groups may not schedule events in the College’s facilities and grounds.
  • Employees of the College: College employees may submit a request to reserve College space for their personal use for a special event if the requested space is available and if the event does not detract services from other College sponsored events.  Approval is required from the Department of Event Management. A facilities fee, reduced for employees, will be charged to the individual - consistent with the use of the requested facility. This special reduced-fee consideration is for employee personal use only, and does not apply to requests for space by a non-College group of which an employee is a member.  In this case, the non-College group must submit a request through the normal process as described above in this policy.  An event scheduled by an individual employee or other College-affiliated individual for personal use is considered a ‘non-College’ event, and is subject to the same requirements of this policy, and of the Black-out and Grey-out Period policy, as a non-College event.
  • Fees for use of College facilities are assigned by the Department of Event Management, based on a fee schedule established by the College which considers:  the facility used for the event; the size and duration of the event; and the support staff and College resources needed to set-up and provide the facility.

13.  The College maintains certain times of the year when non-College events cannot be scheduled. A ‘black-out’ period is a time period when no events whatsoever (neither College nor non-College) can be scheduled other than the programs/events that are specifically featured by the College at that time (e.g. Commencement). A ‘grey-out’ period is a time period when internal College events may be scheduled, but non-College events may not be scheduled. (See policy Events Scheduling: ‘Black-out Periods and Grey-out Periods). The Department of Event Management operates under this black-out / grey-out policy, and maintains the list of these specific dates for each year.  All College facilities (including athletics facilities, MAC, Middlebury Chapel, Bread Loaf, etc.) are subject to this policy.

Wedding/Civil Union Ceremonies at Middlebury Chapel

College-affiliated individuals may request reservation of Middlebury Chapel for their wedding ceremony or civil union ceremony, by submitting their request to the College Chaplain’s office.  This request may be submitted no more than 18 months in advance of the requested date, but will not be confirmed by the Chaplain’s office until 12 months in advance of the requested date.  Please reference the Chaplain’s Office website for information regarding fee and process for submitting a request.  Requests to schedule an event in Middlebury Chapel should be directed to the Chaplain’s Office. Use of Middlebury Chapel is generally intended for use by College-affiliated individuals.  College-affiliated individuals are defined as student, parent, alumnus/ae, faculty, staff, or trustee.  Requests from non-affiliated individuals may be considered at the discretion of the College Chaplain.

Facilities for Non-College/Not-For-Profit Groups

Generally, only the following facilities may be made available for non-College events:

  • Kirk Alumni Center
  • Twilight Auditorium (during non-class periods)
  • Facilities on the Bread Loaf campus (seasonal)
  • A limited number of small classrooms and seminar rooms (during non-class periods). 
  • Some athletics facilities for athletics events may be available at discretion of the Athletics Department.
  • Some MAC facilities for performance events, and use of Middlebury Chapel may be available at the discretion of the Department of Event Management.